Newbie who now loves the orange boxes...


Aug 21, 2006
Thank you ladies... Yes the orange side is indeed dangerous AND I have gotten so many compliments whilst I was Christmas shopping yesterday at NM from fellow shoppers. There were several ladies who asked me when and where I got one instantly. Despite the fact that the SA's at the Neiman Chanel was being meanies as they totally ignored me as I bouncing around Chanel trying to purchase a bag.

Oh well, that's why my new found store will be HERMES for awhile. There was a little boy who was with his mummy trying on shoes when he exclaimed, "MUMMY, that lady has AIRRRRMEZZZZ." He was even rolling his tongue at the RRRRRRRR's.

Do most of you ladies lock the bag or do you tuck the flap inside? I am trying to figure out what's the BEST way of keeping the bag accessible at some parts of the time cause I find myself unscrewing the hippo every 10 mins whilst shopping.

jehaga: I don't know what leather it is. It's soft and smells brand new. Does that help? hehe.

crochetbella: I kept on pressing the handle down, inspecting it all over as my little cousin starting twisting the handle and that's how I discovered that I had to UNSCREW it. Sheeshhhh...What a high tech lock.

moviegirl: Since it was a gift, I found it VERY difficult to say no, but with that being said, I am still waiting for a call for the BROWN KELLY with gold hardware. I doubt I would get it anytime soon but it's been a year as well and I will have to settle with ONE black birkin...FOR NOw...

mello_yello_jen: Thanks for your compliments you hot mama!!! My bf says I and the hippo should get along as we are about the same size. He's jealous cause I have a new baby now.