Newbie Needs Advice on Shoulder Bag

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  1. Hello all!

    I'm a newbie to LV. Actually, this might me my first post on the LV forum I purchased my first LV last August, a Speedy 30 in damier. A month later I purchased my Eva in damier. I am very happy with my purchases and am now considering the perfect LV shoulder bag to add to my collection!

    Boy, this is a hard decision! I know I want something in signature, but I'm really not sure which style to buy. I went to LV certain I would buy the Montorgueil PM. The style is cute, young and fun (like a speedy with shoulder stapes) but after trying on the Galleria PM – I second guessed the monty. The Artsy MM was sold out but the pics are totally droolworthy! I must try it on for size! So add this Artsy to my maybe list as well!

    I am only 5-feet tall, petite and not wanting or needing a HUGE bag. The Speedy 30 is plenty of room for me! With that said, I'm wondering if the Artsy MM might be too large for my taste. It just looks like a lot of bag. The allure is its overall canvas/signature look. I like that there is not a lot of leather. I’m not a fan of the patina effect (a lot if it) so this Artsy is really up my alley in this fashion. I'm not sure how comfortable that handle will be though. With the bag loaded of “stuff” will the handle dig into my shoulder?

    The Monty is just so darn cute and totally the perfect size for me. Big plus! My biggest complaint with the Monty is the skinny shoulder straps. Comparing the Monty to the Galleria is apple and oranges! I was surprised how much I like this bag! No only is it comfortable, but its looks great on! My only con about the Galleria is I'm not sure I'm going to like the way the leather strap once it starts to darken.

    I'm just so up and down on each bag. I'm really not sure what to do!

    Please weigh-in with your opinions. I really would like to put an end to my indescision and buy my bag already! If you had to pick btwn the 3-bags, which would you choose?

    • Montorgueil PM
    • Galleria PM
    • Artsy MM
    BTW - since I'm posting, can someone please tell me the name/style of the LV bag that looks like the Artsy with the lock on bottom right corner? I've seen this bag in pics and not online so I'm sure it's not available any longer, but it sure is cute!

    Thank you!!
  2. The bag that has the lock on the bottom right corner is the Whisper.
  3. I am 5'2" and petite. I love my Monty GM. Considered the PM, but it just didn't have enought "umph" for me! I say get the Monty GM.

    I had the Galliera PM, but disliked the golden brass plate on the front of it so I sold it.

    I just got back from the boutique and tried on the Arsty GM. It was huge on me...I am pretty sure I want the MM.
  4. Thank you for input, Designingstyle!

    Was the Artsy comfortable?

    And thanks for the naming the Whisper! Love this bag! Adding to my wishlist :smile:
  5. Out of the three bags, I prefer Galliera PM. It's sooo pretty and comfortable to carry too!
  6. There is a gorgeous shoulder bag being released later in the month, made in calf skin, cant remember the name but saw the prototype a few days back, fab fab fab
  7. galliera for sure!!!
  8. Galiiera PM- the perfect size!!
  9. Wow, the Galliera is pretty popular! Keep em coming! Pics too, if you got em!
  10. Artsy MM, I am Loving mine!! Galliera would be second, both comfortable to wear, go with what fits you best!
  11. Out of those choices, Artsy.
  12. I am loving the monty and will be looking at the gm this weekend

  13. I just took this..

  14. I have both the Monty GM and Galliera PM, out of both I prefer my galliera! Much more comfortable and looks fabulous! Monty straps dig in A LOT! I use it for Uni and need to carry around quite a few books! Also if your wearing a coat the straps are kinda tight over the arm and I'm very slim! Do not like the Artsy myself, the straps are very pretty but don't see them being very comfy!
  15. Galliera!