New York Store Sale

  1. Hi Everyone:
    Thinking of taking the day off to come up to NYC for the sale. Still trying to track down my Tokyo jacket in size 44 to match my blouse. Does anyone know the exact time it will start and the first day of the sale. Also, do you know if they will send items, dont want to drag them back to DC. Finally, my firm has an office on Park Avenue, maybe any TPF could meet me there later for coffe and then we could go to the Klimt Exhibit. I am the Director of the Friends of the Klimt Atelier here in the US and would be pleased to have anyone come as my guest.
    Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. Hi Susan, the rumor is that the sale will be from 3/19-3/22 but hasn't been yet confirmed..if I remember correctly its opened to the public at either 12 or 2 on that Wednesday. we'll know more once it has been confirmed.
  3. Thanks so much. Looking forward to more detailed information since taking time off and planning a day trip to NYC involves a lot of drama.
    Thanks for responding.
  4. susan- i don't think they will ship. i could be wrong but since they're no frills i doubt they would. but it never hurts to ask, right?
  5. Hi Susan,
    They will ship for you. I've had them ship between stores (which they need to get approval for, but will) and overseas. It's never been a problem. Hope you find everything you want!
  6. cookies- you've had them ship from the SALE? or from the regular boutiques?
  7. NO WAY that the NY Sale ships. They dont even have SAs on the premises at the sale which is held at a different location from the boutique. The people there are all from the corporate office or volunteers
  8. thank you. that's what i thought. Actually though at the last sale my SA from wall street was there and I think there were a few others.
  9. How do we find out where the location is? Will the SA's at the local boutiques know and tell you? I'd love to go and travel up there for a day or so but want to make sure it will be worthwhile - do they put bags and scarves on sale or is it just ready to wear?

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  10. Jo, it's usually at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street
    New York, NY 10011).

    Some bags (mostly GP, never seen Birkin/Kellys)), LOTS of scarves, small leather goods, china, RTW, shoes etc
  11. Thanks! :girlsigh:

  12. Yes, the last sale in NY was staffed by H SA.
  13. bump. any updates on the sale dates?
  14. ^bumping the bump. LOL, because in my rich fantasy life I'll be there!
  15. So how does this work: items that are to be marked down are moved from the local Hermes boutiques and sent to this alternate location ? ?

    what are typical mark-downs ?