New to MK..... Just bought my first item:-)

  1. about the same. I love the outside pockets. The bags are really the same, hold about the same..
    If I had to have one bag out of all this would be it. Unless I owned a new style black glam.
  2. Somebody help me find one please!
    I bought one from eBay, but it had the darker handles and it wasn't as tall as I thought it would be so I sent it back. I'm dying for one in the brown and vanilla!
  3. ^^^^ they are at the outlet. Vegas has them, buffalo has them. Call you closest outlet amd see if they will send if its too far to drive.
    The macys bag is the one with dark handles and tes its smaller..
  4. Is there a style code that I can ask for if I call the outlet? (or do you happen to have the dimensions?) Thanks for the help! :smile:
  5. The one I have is a jetset top zip
    35t2gttt8b style

    885949835193 EWTZTOTE /brown/ns
    Retail is 199.00$
  6. LOVE THIS BAG!! :love: It looks so much like the LV totally, but less than a fourth of the price. I've been looking for a large bag to carry my books and ipad in for class and this just may be the one. Does anyone know the name of the MK bag that looks like the LV Neverfull? I really like that one as well.
  7. Thank you! I just ordered the one with the middle compartment from Zappos, but I may go ahead and order this one and see which one I like the best. :biggrin:
  8. I'm not sure, but I think that one's called the Travel tote. I swear, I wish I'd given MK a chance before I spent all that money on LV's. I'm really impressed with them and I really like the difference in the costs!
  9. Here is some info for you on the med. HTH
    image-3891634762.jpg image-3868416506.jpg image-4109025064.jpg image-2286432151.jpg
  10. Me too!!! I just purchasd a "pre-loved" LV speedy 30 damier azur bag. Didn't realize that MK made a similar bag for around $200. :crybaby:
  11. Thank you for the info and pics!! Now if MK could only make a more affordable version of the LV Artsy, I would be ecstatic! :woot:
  12. I saw a bag veeeerrry similar to the LV Artsy at te MK stores will post it.

  13. image-896135799.jpg

    It's called the Skorpio $895. Gorgeous MK bag!
  14. nice package it has at least u know its brand new