New to MK..... Just bought my first item:-)

  1. wonderful choice! Love MK, I own 2 so far and I am hunting for the next one!
  2. Thanks!! I can't say enough abt this bag... I think I have found a new love

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  3. Hi could you give me the video link? would love to see it too.thank you:smile:
  4. Also I was wondering if this bag holds much weight? because I have a lot of stuff... :smile:
    Thank you for your help in advance :biggrin:
  5. It will hold a ton. I just got mine and yesterday I had it loaded with 2 bottles of water one in each outside pocket. Wallet, gps, full size camera, husbands Tavel bag that holds his wallet, passport, money and a load a change..
    Plus a change of clothes for me before jumping on a plane...

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  6. Oh, wow! I've been itching for the LV Totally for sometime now, but unable to stomach the price for a baby tote - this is a nice option! Thank you! I will be headed out to my outlet this weekend!
  7. Thank you so much! I think I want this bag too:cool: I have one already just like the one in the video in fabric instead of PVC, so I was thinking is this top zip tote too similar to the one I already got(I think your top zip style is a bit bigger tho)? but I like this color and top zip detail a lot..dont know what to do,any opinion? :p
  8. It looks lovely one you! Enjoy it to pieces!
  9. Thank you!

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  10. Hi I have one more question if you dont mind :smile:
    I know this is a PVC bag is it overall a soft bag or a hard bag? thank you
  11. it stands on its own but is soft.. not hard at all.
  12. :smile: thanks dear