New to MK..... Just bought my first item:-)

  1. Thanks for the info msckmorris! The bags do look very similar.
  2. Nice
  3. This bag I bought is the outlet exclusive, its a dat bigger then the macy's one, has the light handles, macy's has dark, this one has the removable wrap hang tag, where the macy's one clips under the strap, I also noticed that the inside of the macy's has leather around the pockets. (the bag below is their new exclusive in black signature)

    where the outlet one doesnt...

    Also you will notice that the macy's bag has a lanyard inside the bag that the outlet one doesnt have...

    the price point when I bought mine (june) macy's was about 250$ Currently this black one I posted is 228$
    I paid 179$ for my outlet one .. So me the leather around the pockets and the lanyard inside wasnt worth the extra cost.
  4. This is a great, functional MK ZipTop tote!
    I want one now. :biggrin:
    I hope MK outlets still have them.
  5. after visiting LV last weekend, researching this week and a trip to MK outlet today I ordered my first MK today from Macy's. I ordered the block monogram signature tote in ice/slate/gunmetal. I stumbled on it online and preferring white metal thought this would be perfect choice.
    Is there a big difference is ice & vanilla color? living in Florida I feel like I can carry a lighter handbag a little longer into the year.
    anxious for it arrive. going back to outlet tomorrow for accessories to go with it. I believe they had a smaller silvery wallet.
  6. question for Bag Fetish, i have read from the previous comments before that the outlet bag is just the same size as the lv totally mm. what about the one's from macy's? i live overseas so buying from outlet is impossible. i have the lv totally pm that i don't use anymore because it looks so small for a size 12 5ft 2inches gal. i have tried the totally mm and it looks so big on me. i just wish the one from macy's is bigger than the size of totally pm, last time i checked, brown is not available anymore :sad:
  7. I love it!!! I have been considering the LV Totally but have been disappointed in the quality for the price issue. You just helped me change my mind.....And by the way you look great!!!!!! :biggrin:
  8. It's smaller then the outlet but not the size of the totally pm.. I have tried a pm on so I'm only going by visual.
    I think the Macy bag is in between the pm and mm
  9. Be sure to post your new purchase if you get one.
  10. thanks for the info, i'm gonna go for it..i hope they re stock soon!:smile:
  11. bump!
  12. Not sure if you saw my post about this bag but I talked to a very nice SA at the MK outlet store in AC last week and she said that this bag will be coming out in "Holiday" colors in the next few weeks. Ruby, Blue, Black, gunmetal and purple! Plan on taking a ride there in the next few weeks since AC is shut down right now due to the storm. Will keep everyone posted!
  13. please update if you know, because i'm looking for this bag too. I'm debating between this one and the opened travel jet set tote.
  14. i am about to buy my first MK too!
  15. Sorry. Didnt make it there this week. My mother in law passed away Monday so the outlet trip is postponed. Plan on going next weekend bur the SA did call me and she said that the leather ones had arrived. Black, red and tan.