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  2. The reason I was looking for this EPI Red is because it matches the Red Don's and the new EPI is way dark! but Look at the perfect couple!

  3. Congratulations!
  4. I wish I could find my real digi-cam I hate the iPhone camera on the 3G I need the 3G S! LOL
  5. Congratulations! those are lovely...
  6. That's very pretty. How did you manage to find one? Congrats!
  7. very nice, congrats!
  8. gorgeous red.. congrats!
  9. They look great together!
  10. Ooo congratualtions! Wear it in good health.

    By "original red" do you mean the old old red or the one that was just discontinued?
  11. Congrats !! The color is TDF.
  12. They are really HOT.....congrats. :devil:
  13. The datecode reads: BJ1003 which translates to BJ=Made in France & 1003=Oct 2003.

    So I'm guessing the red that I now own is the original Epi Red?
  14. I remember that red! It's gorgeous! Congrats!! =)
  15. Love it all--that is a nice small wallet and a perfect match.