New to Christian Louboutin

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  1. I purchased my first pair of CL's this summer and became hooked. I did not think I could wear them because I have very narrow feet. To my surprise they fit better than most shoes that only come in medium width. From there I was hooked. Sometimes I have to put pads in them but thats okay. What women do for the price of beauty.

    If anyone comes across them in electric blue let me know.
  2. I find that CLs are narrower than other makers. The sizes that the ladies here posted as TTS, I've had to size up on them.
  3. They certainly are addicting. Show us some pics. =o)-
  4. Yea, I did too.
  5. Janice - welcome to the dark side, CLs are extremely addictive, your collection was grow quickly.
    It sounds like CLs are the best for your feet since they do run very narrow. I generally have issues with some styles because my feet are on the wide side.
  6. And for me a whole size and a half and I have very narrow feet. I have feet like the stepsister from Cinderella. :lol:

  7. yep, they are addictive, so watch out!

    I too have narrow feet and sometimes have to size up.
  8. I am curious to know how we all measure narrow/wide feet. I mean I have to size up on all my CLs and when I look at my feet they dont look wide! So at what point/width would your feet be considered wide or narrow? :confused1:
  9. Leda--I have no idea. I feel like I have pretty normal width feet, but I still wear a 39-39.5 in CLs, whereas in any other "American" brand, I'll take an 8.5.

    Also, I wear an 8.5 standard in Gucci and Prada. Weird.

    Welcome Janice! Can't wait to see pics of your new babies!
  10. I just think my feet are narrow because as a kid my mom would always say I needed narrow shoes. I also have sort of bony feet.
  11. Not sure if they even have these anymore, but the shoe size measuring tools where you put your foot down and stand tell you the length and width of your foot. I haven't seen a store have those in years. But on the width part, depending on where the measurer landed when pushed against your foot, it had markings of A, B, C, etc. where "normal" is a B and anything smaller (A, AA, etc.) is considered to be a narrow foot.

    The only places I know that would still have that measurer is any place that makes custom shoes. :smile:
  12. interesting blackbird , I guess I have seen something like it before but I always thought it was for the length of the foot.

    I wish I knew a place that made custom shoes ...
  13. blackbird - That metal measuring thing is still around. In fact, I just saw it at Nordstrom's.

    How do I know my feet are wide? B/C when I look at them and compare them to my sisters, they look wider. Also, I've always had to size up on pointy shoes and wouldn't need to with tennis shoes.
  14. they have ones that do length and width of the foot. The width side is way more subtle of course. :smile:

    My grandpa was a shoemaker so growing up I used to wear his shoes all the time. He'd make them for my mom too of whatever she wanted. I guess shoes are in my blood. :smile: My grandma's philosophy was to have many pairs of shoes as you wanted a variety so no single pair ever looks too worn out too quickly. Unfortunately my grandpa developed a bad case of cataracts so that ended his career about 15 years ago.
  15. Welcome to the addiction. I have gone from 0 to 3 pairs with #4 on the way in 4 mths.