New Reveal!!! New Color!!!

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  1. Ordered all the way from Spain shipped to San Diego.

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  2. Anyone guess the 2014 S/S color?

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  3. Pretty! Is that silver hardware?
  4. yeah... reveal time again :biggrin:

    Is this Grey Pyrite or Grey Glacier? Congrats
  5. Nice! How do you order from Spain? Did you call Bal store in Spain?

  6. It is Gris Pyrite and it's GORGEOURS!!! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:

  7. I actually had to search a lot for a Work with mGSH and found it on a boutique website called Ekseption, which I found through here.

  8. Yes, the hardware is silver. My Fav! And it looks great with the Gris Pyrite.
  9. Full Reveal Pics!!!

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  10. Comparison with my other Grays,

    Argent Midday with GSH, Plomb Work with GSH (TOP), Gris Glace Work with mGSH, Gris Tarmac Day with mGSH and Gris Pyrite Work with mGSH (Bottom)

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  11. nice collection and welcome to the new bag:love:
  12. Gorgeous! The new addition is fabulous and what a collection of greys!!! (I have a weakness for grey bags and yours are stunning)
  13. I'm from Hong Kong and I have bought a black metallic edge part time from them recently. Very fast shipment. :tup:
  14. beautiful bag and lovely collection of grays!
  15. They were super fast shipping. They got the order Monday and I received the bag on Thursday. I found out about them from someone else on The Forum and I'm always looking for new boutiques to buy Bals since I'm looking for Works and can't find them at the usual places here the US. I definitely will keep them in my favorites.