** New Pomellato thread**

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  1. Loooove! Your stack is gorgeous!!!
  2. This thread seriously needs a bump! I just "discovered" Pomellato after seeing their jaw-dropping Tango collection. OMG!!! (Original URL was waaaay too long, this is the tango collection page at the Pomellato website):


    A few pics:

    View attachment 3531192

    View attachment 3531194

    Does anyone own any of the tango pieces?

    I am falling in love with some of the nudo rings, too.
  3. Hello,
    I'm considering my first Pomellato purchase. I love the Nudo line but I don't think I'll wear something that tall often enough to justify the money. My eye has been turned by the M'ama non m'ama line. If you own a ring, can you post modeling shots? I'd also be curious to hear any feedback on the wearability of the ring. Stacks with non-Pomellatos welcome too :smile:
    Thanks! IMG_1488240084.350495.jpg
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  4. This thread does not get enough love! Asking again for any input on M'ama non m'ama rings .... TIA!
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    I haven't bought silver in 10 years. Most of my stuff is Tiffany's which I adore. Recently saw Pomellato Argento collection and fell in love with the ring. Bought it. Now I really like the matching bracelet. It is 1620 USD. Is it worth spending that much on silver?? Screenshot_20170819-003542.jpg
    I think it is a classic statement piece. Still it seems too expensive...
  6. I am a Tiffany fan as well. The Bone Cuff would look gorgeous with that ring and the bone cuff is an iconic piece. I love mine.
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  7. Mind if I share my Dodo purchase? It is part of Pomellato. I bought the charm from an outlet a few months ago and just got it strung into a bracelet at a Dodo boutique, with two gold beads.

    I didn’t expect the gold beads to add so much to the cost!! But, I do like it! Shame the brand isn’t more recognised in the UK.

    Attached Files:

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  8. Hi, did anyone go to Pomellato sample sale?
  9. My moonstone came back from cleaning/resizing. I definitely want more Pomellato M’ama-non-m’ama, they’re gorgeous! Want garnet but probably will get Iolite first :smile:
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  10. Got my first Pomellato today! 56EDA1D0-838D-4663-8ECF-2EFEAFB9A277.jpeg
  11. Anyone here has photos and experience with nudo?
  12. How are your Pomellato Argento pieces holding up? Any tarnish? Darken colours? I am thinking about getting one of those rings as they are trully gorgeous!
  13. I have this bracelet and wear it a ton. Cheaper than Hermes silver ...
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  14. MrsJDS: does it tarnish?
  15. Nope. It hasn’t in the couple of years I have had it.