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  1. Instead of reviving the old thread, which was quite long already, I decided to start a new one since I have some specific questions on my mind. So here goes: Do any of you own a Caramelle or Capri ring in wg with pavé diamonds and a semiprecious stone? I'd like to hear your experiences and any info on prices would be welcome. And how about the Iceberg rings? I'm sorry about the lack of pics, I don't think pics can be uploaded from a flash site. TIA.
  2. Is this it?? I'm not really familiar with this range,so please forgive my ignorance!!![​IMG]
  3. But I have just located a site that seems to have a big range www.nigelmilne.co.uk hpoe this helps?? Nice stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm LOVING the Veleno rings!!! Just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Love this website, has anyone had any experience ordering?
  5. Thanks Chaz, you're a gem as always:heart:.
  6. This is the best pomellato source of photos and prices ever!!
  7. Love, love, love those rings!!!
  8. Okay, next Pomellato question: which Pomellato ring would you pair with this Marianne Dulong necklace?


    The pic does not do justice to the colour of the lemon quartz pebbles. They are greenish/ grayish/ smokish. Not very yellow at all. The necklace is slightly too long and my plan is to make earrings out of the extra pebbles. But I would also like to have a ring to go with it (my E-ring and wedding ring are platinum, I would probably use this new ring instead of them when wearing the necklace).

    The Pomellato rings I have been eyeing are the very simple Nudo ring and the Baby ring (the lemon quartz versions), both models quite small, the Baby has some extra bling in the form of brown diamonds. So my question is are they too small (Pomellato has some bigger rings with brushed gold and lemon quartz but I don't like those models as much)? And has anyone seen them IRL, are they very yellow? One more ring is the Pin (up) ring which is quite big and blingy (and more expensive).

    It won't be until May that I have the opportunity to visit a Pomellato store, and I will make the decision there, but any input before that is appreciated. It may well be that I decide to have something made, but the easy option would be to find something ready. TIA for your answers.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. [​IMG]
  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]

    Sorry,I forgot I can get 'em all on one post!!!
  14. I definately think the lemon quartz nudo one,the gold is warm as opposed to *yellowish* and I think with the overall look of the yellows etc,it will be really complimentary tonally as a suite!!! Lovely!!
  15. Thanks again for the pics and the input, Chaz. A simple ring wouldn't distract from the effect of the pearl either so I think the Nudo is a good idea.
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