** New Pomellato thread**

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  1. Thanks!
  2. The deed is done, she loved it!

    Here are two pics, one with the band and one without.


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  3. Beautiful shot of your mama non mama ring! Do you see yourself stacking another pomellato ring above or below it?
  4. Hey guys, it's me Carlos, I got the ring from you about two weeks ago. I was actually going to email you the pictures but looks like you found them! By the way the Lucciole is stacked in the first picture.
  5. It's great to see that everything turned out like she wanted! Congratulations again!

    Feel free to stop by the store anytime to say hello.
  6. I'm visiting chicago this week. It appears there is a boutique on Oak. Is there anywhere else I might be able to check out some pomellato pieces? Thanks for your help!
  7. Bumping to ask if anybody has any Sabbia pieces? I saw a ring this weekend and thought it was very cool!
  8. I have three rings from the Sabia collection. I've got the large brown diamond one as well as the medium white diamond and medium brown diamond one. Of all of them the medium sized brown diamond ring is my all time favorite. It is very comfortable to wear and goes with everything.
  9. Hello, everyone!

    I love Pomellato pieces, especially the rings...but can you tell me, do they only ever come in pink gold? I haven't done extensive research, but most of the Pomellato jewelry I've found online seems to only be available in PG. I don't believe I have a boutique or AD where I am. Thanks! :smile:
  10. Lucky you! If you have any photos please share :smile:
  11. Hi, i saw those Pomm rings in Florence last year, beautiful! It's the style I like. Can you pm me that enay seller name too? Tks
  12. Celebrating a milestone birthday with pomellato nudo with diamonds-- might be too much for everyday, but hey, I'm going with it. Thanks for letting me share ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462286802.523846.jpg
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  13. beautiful hand! congrats!

  14. Thanks honhon!!
  15. Myke518, the diamond nudo looks gorgeous. Super like!! Will be on my Christmas wish list this year.. :heart::nuts::nuts: