New Patent Jumbo and other goodies

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  1. Finally, here's a pic of my new Jumbo, plus some other items I've gotten in November and December:




  2. Oh Tammy it is all so lovely! Congrats!! I so want to "feel up" the patent leather. What is it like? Is it as lightweight as the caviar?? Stiff or soft??? I wish I could afford the navy Jumbo patent.
  3. I love this patent. To me, it is soft and not stiff. The bag, overall, is fairly lightweight. You should go for the navy. I think this is the only season they'll have this crackled patent.
  4. Oops, almost forgot my cell phone holder. I just love this little thing.:love:

  5. tammy wowee!!! :heart::heart::love:
  6. Great stuff! Your jumbo is absolutely stunning and I LOVE the necklaces. Congrats!
  7. wow heaps of proddies. congrats love em all.
  8. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I love your items so much!!!!!! Congrats!!!
  9. STUNNING eye candy!!!
  10. The patent jumbo is beautiful - so nice for winter! Congratulation.
  11. Lovely new goodies! Thanks for sharing, we love pics!!
  12. wow, the patent looks sooo different here then it did from the other few pics i have seen of it. it looks more matte here.. hmmm.

    i was going to get that 2nd necklace also, but decided against it haha
  13. Wow, you hit the jackpot!

    I love them all especially the patent.

  14. I love everything you bought! :heart:
  15. Congrats.