new new-to-me Blake

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  1. Barskin's post about finding classic MJ's on the real real inspired me to look for a black Blake. I wanted a black one back in the day but wouldn't pay the price. So I got this one in excellent condition with suede lining from Tradesy. Took a long time but she's pretty.
    blake main.jpg
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  2. I love this. The ones with the suede lining are heavy but they just feel so luxe, there’s nothing else that compares.
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  3. Love this! MJ’s are so well made. Enjoy!
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  4. Congrats on finally adding this to your collection! It's beautiful.
  5. thank you :heart:
  6. I sold a caramel colored blake a few years ago and I regret it so much. I hope it is in good hands somewhere....
  7. I have all my original MJ’s. The Blake is so versatile with that open middle compartment. I sometimes want to sell them to make space, but when I look at the quality and the craftsmanship of the earlier bags, I am still amazed and think it is hard to find that level of quality in bags now.
  8. As someone who stupidly sold mine for like $150...i would say hold onto it! i wish i had the bag now instead of that low amount of cash!
  9. Yay! She sure is pretty!
  10. thanks :smile: