NEW Louis Vuitton Catalogue...

  1. :push: no pictures sorry!!!

    but i got the new catalogue last month...

    August...week 1...

    it's a GOLD colour!!!

    the lady said it was the 'new august release 2007/2008'

    LE Catalogue...

    :push: it's updated with the NEVERFULLs etc...
  2. Oh good I'll have to ask my SA if he's got any the next time I see him. Love to drool :drool:
  3. Yep, it's been out for a while now. I'd say it's more of a 'champagne'/pale gold to be speccy :p.

    As well as Neverfull, it also features a slew of the now permanent Damier (Speedy, Keepalls etc.), updated Multicolour bags as well as Lockits in its many skins.
  4. My SA told me they didn't make them anymore???? b/c ""they are all online"...

    Anyone else in the states actually get this NEW catalog in hand, or is what my sales agent said really true?
  5. I am wanting a lockit. I've been told that it's going to be suhali...and gold or silver. Anyone seen one? If so, which is the nicer color...just to be safe I put my name on both.
  6. ^^they won't even give me one here!

    I don't get it give me a catologue I see more things I like = I spend more money
  7. click on the word timeline in my sig then scroll down they are in there
  8. They only hand out the old BLUE ones here, said the GOLD catalogues are on their way.
  9. I was also given the catalogue.
  10. My SA told me that her store is still waiting for the catalogue to come in. Once she has her hand on them, she'll give one to me. :yes:
    So I'm still waiting for one as well.
  11. OH i cant wait to get mine.
  12. Yay!! Maybe we can get these for the Alberta meet!!
  13. I didn't get one... hmmm.
  14. gonna call up my store...
  15. so the latest catalogue for 07/08 is in what colour?