new loot !!

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  1. so yesterday my mom took me shopping and bought me two new coach bags as a congratulations of losing 50 lbs and im still in shock the denim patchwork is so adorable and goes with everything !



    i also got a black leather large hobo on sale for about $250 so that was an exciting all in itself ill have pics of that later i promise ! :wlae:

  2. IS THAT THE CARLY PATCHWORK???!??!?!??!?!?!:wtf::shocked:
  3. Congratulations on the bag and the weight loss. I have never seen the patchwork carly so thanks for giving me my first look.
  4. That must be the medium size, huh?

    May I ask what the style # is?

    I am VERY happy with my large Carly.
    May get the patchwork Carly down the road.
  5. um i dont want to sound dumb but where is the # located :wondering
  6. Oh my goodness, congrats on losing 50lbs!!

    I like the little flowers on the bag, it's cute.
  7. and thanks disney and bethann :biggrin: ! i have only 30 more lbs to my goal weight !
  8. The style # is on the patch (creed) located inside of the bag.
  9. Congrats on the weight loss ! Love the purse !
  10. You don't need to loose anymore weight, you look perfect !
  11. alright the # is


    i hope this is right
  12. aw thanks queenvic. i want to weigh 140. because technically im still "overweight" according to my doctor and that weight goes good with my height !
  13. Congrats on the weight loss! Thats awesome! My goal weight is 135-140 too. I have 20 more to go!:wlae:

    Oh yeah, that denim patchwork Carly is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Gosh , I can't see where you could lose 30lbs from !!!
    You look absolutely great the way you are.
  15. Cute handbag. Congratulations on the weightloss! Did you follow a specific program?