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  1. Hi Ladies, when someone posted this new item here, I called up Jax and the lady gave me some details on this luscious bag. I'm glad it's quite big for me as the price is quite astronomical! But it's beautiful.

    Legacy Thompson Item 11374
    15 1/4"l x 16 1/4" h x 2" d
    Available in Ink and Toffee
    Can be ordered from the warehouse.
  2. love it.
  3. I love this bag! Dying for it in ink~but at $698 I know it ain't gonna happen. Oh well. I'll just console myself with the beauties I already own. Nothing else is appealing to me at the moment except this bag.
  4. I've lusted after this in ink for a while. Can't swing it right now though, but I know it's going to be gorgeous!
  5. Pretty!!!
  6. wow, very pretty - hmmm, i should i keep my elisa ???
  7. Wow! I didn't realize it came in ink! I want a nice shoulder bag and I'm trying to decide which one to go with. I can't seem to click with any of the bleecker bags and was thinking of Elisa or Felicia. Hmmmm, can't decide!!
  8. I'm actually disappointed! there's a difference (yet again) from the original Thompson design and the one that will be in stores:

    Original: Coach Thompson Hobo.jpg

    In stores this Friday: 11374_d1.jpg

    The color is also different. :crybaby:I'm wondering if the original website even had the correct bag, since it looks different.

    I'm now dying to find a bag like the top one that is NOT the Marc Jacobs hobo (at a mere $995). waaahhhh!
  9. Looks super roooomy!

  10. i have to agree w/ you - the original is cool -

    can i ask where do you ladies keep finding all the latest before they hit the website or store? i love it !
  11. FYI....Thompson will only be in 23 stores across the country. If you want one you better order early....
  12. You know, I'm not sure if the top bag in the taupe shade is even a Coach bag. I think it's Nicole Farhi - if you go onto Martha Stewart, where this was originally shown, she used the same bag pic for both the Coach "investment bag" and Nicole Farhi "investment bag". But if you look really closely at the zipper pull on the front, there seems to be a not-Coach brand stamped on it, which is why I question if that was a Coach Thompson at all. Perhaps the editors made a mistake?
  13. Here it is in ink:

  14. i am confused - what are these bags doing in marth stewart - someone clue me in please.....
  15. Definitely Keep your Elisa. I like your Elisa way better than the Thompson bag.
    The Elisa has alot of personality and style going for it. I think it is a timeless style
    that you will carry for years to come.