New jelly shoes?

  1. Hi has anyone seen the new jelly shoes in store? ( not tue Barbados/Bali collection)
    Pls post a pic if u do! Thanks!
  2. u mean the Bermuda range? it is slightly raised compared to their previous jellies. love it, i got it in Orange n Dark Violet. i will try taking pics n upload
  3. here... Dark Violet with Dark silver metal plate and Orange with Gold metal plate. also Cobalt Barbodos with silver hardware. the photo does not reflect the true colour of cobalt at all, irl it is much more intense with a lot more green undertone, just so very pretty.

  4. I saw the bermuda range in black only in Spore. Haven't seen it in red and dark violet and Cobalt Barbodos with silver hardware. The dark violet looks great!
  5. The Taka outlet had baby blue, orange n dark violet bermuda. Cobalt barbados just got in.
  6. here is mine, the red Barbados

  7. Oh wow! Were jelly sisters. I just got mine yesterday in black. I wanted to get the orange one too as it was 30% off. Price here in Manila is $190.00. Its sooo comfy. I only use Melissa jelly shoes and love their Corallo range. I tried the Barbados but it felt too flat for me. Love the Bermuda as it has this slight raise at the heel. Oooh, i just might go back and get the orange too. You made me crave for it. I used the black the whole day today and its sooo comfy. Downside, when your feet sweats its kind of slippery at the balls of your feet but the sweat easily dries because it has lots of holes all over. Love the side view and back view too. Very stylish for a pair of jelly flats.

    Added bonus for me, our country has 2 seasons - dry and wet, so this is just so useful especially now that its our rainy season. I hope the metallic top doesnt fall off on me. ;)
  8. How much is this Barbados in SGD?
  9. Hi,

    The barbados is retailing for SGD270. :smile:
  10. Thks for the info....
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    Hi! I just got the barbados in Teal and am still deciding whether to keep it or not. It looks lovely but i'm not sure if its an easy color to match? Any advise? Thanks!!

    Oh Forgot to add that i love your bermuda shoes! I am located in the US, and i dont see any of the bermuda shoes here......lucky you!!
  12. Mine! They are really confortable!
  13. So pretty! Congrats!

    Will never be able to buy them because for some strange reason SF does not make them in size 6 or 9. The closest is size 5.8 but they are still too small. Sigh....
  14. Thanks! :smile:

    Yes yes just found out today! So so so strange! My colleague wanted to get too after seeing mine. We thought the SA was mistaken.
  15. What's these two shoes are called? Care to share? I like the shoes on d left and how much in Sgd?