New items on that you are "feeling"

  1. I like the Ergo Pebbled leather tote in black (could this be my elusive everyday black bag?- I have to see if I can get over the dogleash closure), or maybe the hobo (but I REALLY want legacy lining darn it!), or course a multitude of the heritage pink things, and oh if only the Brigit were actually pink and not a coral-y color! (still probably wouldn't get but one could admire), the scarf-framed wristlet- so cute and Valentinesy, the Heritage scarves, the dragonfly keyfob, and the turnlock cardigan (although it's not available in my size :push:smile:. I think that about covers it :roflmfao:. Of course this is all wishful thinking even without my ban as I would need a few grand to cover all of this :nuts:
  2. I LOVE the Brennen sunglasses & will probably get them during PCE if they look good on me.

    I think the dragonfly keyfob is adorable & love the ponytail heritage stripe scarf.

    Other than that I do like all the pebbled ergos, but I don't need one right now. The bamboo is really pretty!

    And of course I :heart: the heritage line :yes:
  3. I really want a Heritage Large tote in the DH plays baseball every summer for a team whose main color is green, and I always coordinate my bag to their uniforms, LOL. How silly is that!! But the coated canvas would also be useful at a ballfield :yes:. Or maybe I'm just trying to justify a new bag LOL.
  4. ^

    That's a great idea! And the green is :love:

    If I had the extra $ I'd buy a medium to bring to games because the coated canvas rocks. My large is too big - but I'm talking about for Yankee games - hate having anything more than I really need at the stadium!
  5. I'm with you, I really like them!
  6. I :heart: the scarf print framed wristlet. :love:
    I also :heart: the Ergo pebbled tote. :love:
  7. I :heart: the Hamptons Sig. motif wristlet!
  8. I'll take one of each ergo in every color~!!!!!!!!
  9. :wtf: SHOCKING!

  10. :roflmfao: Yes, it is, isnt it?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :graucho:
  11. Luckily I'm not really feeling anything.. I am sure that will change soon enough though! :graucho:
  12. I'm not really feeling anything....sad...I know.....:crybaby:
  13. The heritage pink swingpack has my name all over it! ha!
    I think that's about it until they release the gold version.. :graucho:
  14. Either way works for me :lol: