New "IT" bags advice?

  1. I am planning on buying 3 new bags for the winter, and i have no clue what!:graucho:

    What would you say are the "it" bags of the moment? I already have the Ramona, Muse and stam (in black, white and ivory). My LV purchases are a whole other subject, so forget those! (the azure- here i come!)

    I'm thinking the miu miu coffer for sure, but im not sure which colour...

    What would you say are the top 3 or 5 NEW bags of the season?

    I need to start budgeting!:nuts:
  2. the Chanel cabas bags for sure. they seem so in right now and they're gorgeous
  3. Get yourself a Gucci Boston they are sooo nice
  4. marc jacob has nice bags
  5. In my opinion it shouldn't matter what everyone else is wearing or what is appearing on the arms of celebrities and models in magazines. Just find 3 bags that scream out to you - I can't live without you!

    If you love them, you can't go wrong. Peggy
  6. coco cabas chanel!! theres a hot prada bag that victoria beckham has been spotted with also i dont know what its called but it goes for over 2500..its hot!
  7. Yup! I agree with the advice given a few posts ago...don't worry about what is going to be the next "it" bag. Just buy what appeals to YOU. I think that you will be alot happier in the long run:smile:
  8. Ramona & Coco Cabas for sure, those two are hot!! hot hot!!
  9. go with what you like...not because it's an "it" bag. :smile:
    I do love the Miu Miu coffer though in brown hot!
  10. i would say prada, miu miu and chanel. :biggrin:
  11. I would also go with what you love and not try to find an "it" bag if you don't necessarily need to do so for work.

    Personally I am not that much into those oversized bags, the Chanel looks funky in adds but in real life ?
  12. Naturally all you guys said above is true, i was asking advice about the new cool bags that are out. I don't settle for just any bag because its in (for example i am not a fan of chanel, it just isnt me, or any multicolour lv's).

    I am suprised everybody jumped on the bandwagon of assuming i am a fashion sheep. On the contrary, I prefere hard to find and one of pieces (it's my job, i am a buyer for a company that specializes in such items).

    I was just simply asking what peoples opinions would be as the nicest chicest bags of the moment. The "it" bag, the one you guys are yearning for. As I need opinions and advice, I don't have the time to search at the moment. If a few people go "this season new chloe stuff has great quality leather, check it out" or "have you seen the new prada? its cute as hell- vicious line", I'll check them out.

    Thank you anyway for everyones advice. Just to make it clear, I will chose what I like anyway. I was jst asking for opinions.

    RoseMary- I agree, MiuMiu and Prada have the greatest lines this season. I may go fr the coffer, its too cute!
    taco- The ramona IS gorgeous! I have it in back, and its great for work. I'm kicking myself for not getting it in stone. I may go on a search for one!
  13. I LOVE the coffer.
    LOVE. IT.

    I'm also loving everything that Prada has out for the fall.

    The Patent Ramona is TDF.

  14. You know wat? Ive been looking at everyones new coffers on the miumiu tread and- I LOVE it! Im gonna go and see it in person tomorrow!

    I need to go and see te patent Ramona IRL. I'm not a huge fan of patent (but i liked the MJ stam in patent)- so i'll keep an open mind! :roflmfao:
  15. I agree with the Miu Miu Coffer. :yes:

    I would say that this is definitely one of them:



    For me, number three would be either the Roberto Cavalli Art Nouveau-style satin Snake Clutch, or the Bottega Veneta Karung Chain Bag. :heart: