"New" for Summer/Fall...

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  1. The baby mousse is a re-order that Chloe SCP did, and will probably arrive next month Kiptrip. You might call them and see if they will ship it to you, or at least call you when it comes in so you have a shot at it...they can put you on the list.

    Cougess, it is the darker grey in the swatch, but the SA said it has a bit of green to it. I think it's supposed to be a little lighter than the anthracite, and yes, BalenciagaLove, she says it DOES come with silver hardware. LOVE silver hardware!

    Vicky, the orange looks pretty orange to me. I would say brighter orange than the whiskey...like a pumpkin color or maybe the color of a basketball. I am not sure how well this color will go over if it's really as light as it appears in the swatch.

    Oh, and I am returning the choco shopper.
  2. ET - thanks for the update, sorry about your shopper. Too bad you live in OK and can't look at bags in person. Guess I'll have to wait til someone buys the new grey to see what it looks like. :biggrin:
  3. Hey ET, thanks for the info. Could you please give me the number for SCP? The baby mousses sound pretty exclusive.. are they the only store getting them.. or do you think NAP or any of the online sites will be selling them soon too?

    Am pretty petrified at how much SCP would charge me for the bag and shipping.. retail in the US is pretty pricey no?
  4. The number for Chloe SCP is (714) 481-0308. They sold out of the mousse baby paddy, but ordered some more in by special order or something like that, so call right away if you want one. I think they are around $1395 or so? Pretty high, but not quite as much as a regular satchel. Not sure if anyone else will get them or not...you might check with Nordstrom to see what they are getting.
  5. When are the summer/fall bags arriving??? thanks!
  6. July/August is the next date that I am aware of...that should be the summer/fall shipment.
  7. OMGoodness, a shipment in next month? I called the New York boutique and they said they weren't going to be waitlisting anybody till June. Eesh, I can't imagine that the shipments would be arriving at different times. Did anybody else get the same problem?

    And on a side note....I found the New York boutique to be terribly rude. I want to save money on tax but if it happens again I might just call South Coast. Bad service always gets to me...ugh.
  8. So, so.. is it certain that the choco will be part of the F/W colours for the regular Paddy satchel? What about that dark blue with silver hardware I heard about in another thread?

  9. Yup Yup...dark blue with silver hardware. It'll be GORGEOUS :love:
  10. Yippee! Ok, now to wait...

    And what about the choco? Will it be re-issued in the regular satchel and do ya think it will have silver hardware?
  11. and.....black with matt black hardware!!!
  12. i was about to post about the black too! i saw a photo and it looks great (i guess we have the same tatse)!
  13. Ooh, where did u see a photo with the black on black? I've been very intrigued by this combo, especially how the hardware would look. If it's in a mag, could you please scan and post it?? I will love you, lol!
  14. Yes Black On Black Photos Please! please!!!
  15. oh i'm sorry, i saw it in a boutique, the owner was showing me what she ordered for fall.
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