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  1. ...for those of you who AREN'T pi$$ed at Chloe...I called the Costa Mesa store and they were very nice. They said I can use a NY store credit there, and they are getting a box in (probably next month) AND new colors for fall, including a grey Paddy satchel with silver hardware (I got on the list for possible exchange option). Most of the colors for fall are colors we have already seen: taupe, choco, tan, black...but they are also getting an orange and "creme" which will be a light yellow-tan (she said the color of creme brulee) in the satchel. Here are the swatches she sent (of the grey, but also shows the orange and brown) and a photo of the box.

    EDIT: Box photo is too big. I will have to resize it on my other computer and add it later. Sorry! It's like the bag Lindsey Lohan had in blanc.

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  2. Do you know if the grey will come out in a baby size? Me likey
  3. ohhh wait, they're coming in next month? Crap. Need. Money.
  4. I know they are getting a special order shipment of the baby mousse if you want that one. Oh, wait...you have the mousse already don't you? Not sure about the grey. (Of course I could order the baby mousse with my stupid store credit and then sell it to you and buy your mousse, and then you could buy the grey???) I know they will have the grey satchel and it will not be in until around August. The box will be chocolate only (another re-order) and will be in probably next month.
  5. LOL Well, Aug is good. They seem to get alot of the same colors in the baby so we'll see. I like my mousse in the medium but dang I want a baby one too. The grey looks scrumptious.

    oh and I'll love you forever if you can find out if they will come out with one LOL. I suppose I could always break down and ask this SA at Nordies, but she's like a damn vulture. I'm afraid I'll never get rid of her if I ask for some help heh
  6. That grey/green is lovely!!!! Hmmm... is that supposed to be mousse?? Yummy Mousse!!! Yum! Yum! Yum!
  7. No, it's supposed to be just grey...but she (the SA) said it was similar to the mousse color. So maybe it will be good! A dark mousse, you think?
  8. wow what fantastic news! I was reading our other thread about you choco shopper... so you returned it? It was beautiful but if you can get one you will love 100%, go for it.

    I buy from the Costa Mesa Btq all the time. They are always so very nice and informative to me and my friends. Whats great is if you get 'in' with a particular SA, they try their best to accomodate you to the fullest!

    The new color is so so nice! I saw the swatch in person and its great. Darker than mousse but lighter than non-met anthracite. Love the nickle hardware!

    Congrats and good luck!
  9. ^^ I haven't returned it yet. Waiting to speak to the manager at Chloe NY. See if they will make an exception and refund my money. If not, I guess it's a grey fall Paddy for me. Whether I want one or not!
  10. ohh sounds like a great color *crosses fingers it comes in a baby size* I might have to venture to Nordies and see if I can dig up some info. Man I hate overbearing SAs though.
  11. BABY MOUSSE? Where?! How? I live in Asia, how do I get one ET? :idea:
  12. THe grey with silver hardware sounds nice, but is the grey the color in the swatch that's posted? To me it looks very similar to the anthracite (which I have). An orange paddy might be interesting....
  13. Well the swatch says grey/green, so I think it is going to look a lot like the mousse, but maybe it's a little darker. I would jump on that one, ET and return the shopper. Will it be silver hardware? I really hope so.
  14. Wow... Although I'm not really a fan of the paddy, I can't wait for the new colors. Need eye candy.
  15. Orange? I wonder if it's a very bright colour or more like rust... could be a nice colour for fall.
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