New Fall Colors for Mini City!!!!!

  1. i love the new colors of the Mini City, now i want all of them!!!!!:tup::tup::tup: what do you all think?
    moss.jpg plum.jpg rust.jpg
  2. This might be better suited for the Balenciaga subforum but they all look great! Love the center one! :tup:

  3. ^^^hmmmm...not sure what you mean about the Balenciaga subforum, but they really are beautiful colors!
  4. Those aren't Balenciaga bags. LOL

    Great colors! Perfect for fall!
  5. That purple one is GORGEOUS! :love:

  6. oh, she thought they were BBags...i get it. no, they are Anna Corrina :yes:
  7. Oooooh. I just got my black mini city tote yesterday and I'm afraid my other bags are going to be very jealous since I'm going to be carrying this baby for a WHILE. But my favorite color is green and the moss is calling my name....I'm on a
  8. I want all of them - all lined up like that in my closet :graucho::drool:!
  9. Sorry! They looked like Balenciaga's to me because of that long thing on the zipper and they have City's...I'm new to Bbags, so...ahh just forget it.

    I'm making all sorts of mistakes on PF today...just one of those days. >.< Messed up an LV authenticity too. D'oh!
  10. i love the green one...the one on the right looks suspiciously like my "rust" mini-city lol. it's a fabulous color!
  11. I have never owned an anna bag! How do you like them? In the pics, the handles seem to be "tied", is that a faux tie or can they come loose? I haul a lot of goodies in my bags so I need them to be sturdy!!!!!! I posted a pic, see how the handles look tied???

  12. While it's a tie that can be undone if pulled hard enough, I don't think it affects the handle in any way, so you should be fine..:smile:
  13. the bags are fairly 'rustic' and have a 'weathered' look about them, but that is part of the charm. i have a mini-city and it has held up very well - the knots have never come undone...
  14. The knots can be undone. In fact, I just retied mine this weekend. They weren't coming loose, but I figured I'll be safe and make them extra tight. The plum one is gorgeous. I have never bought the same bag in different colors. I may have to make an exception :yes:
  15. Love the purple one!! I'm sure it has a "real" name, though! :p