new Doritos flavors

  1. I bought Sizzling PIcante Doritors yesterday and they were so good! I saw Jalepeno Pop (?) doritos too and I want to try those too. Did anyone try those?
    I love how they have new flavors for doritos out but hate when they discontinue my favs! Some of the ones they discontinued: Baja Picante (from like 7 years ago), Salsa (not salsa verde), Guacomole. What are your favs??
  2. Oooooh, I remember the days when I could eat Doritos! That was in my younger years when I could eat the extra good stuff. They were my favorite snack.
  3. I used to really like Doritos. I tried some at my parent's house the other weekend and I thought they were icky! I guess what we like changes. I'd rather have some tortilla chips and some good guacamole if I am going to eat something along those lines. I could eat guacamole all the time!
  4. I use to hate Doritos actually. My dad had a HUGE addiction to it! haha and all the school kids ate it for lunch all the time. So I didn't want to get sucked into it. Now I love it! Not the cheesy goodness one, but the different flavors like cooler ranch or salsa! (too bad they stopped it) =[
  5. the ranch ones are always the best ;)
  6. LOL...I saw a mixed bag several months ago...1/2 was hot wings and the other 1/2 was blue cheese.
  7. I used to LOVE doritos too! I must have od'ed on them, because just the thought makes me retain water from all that salt. Nevertheless, the cooler ranch were classic and fabulous. They also made a Four cheese chip, only had it once, but it was mighty tasty!
  8. ^ I saw those too. That doesn't sound good to me at all!

    I like the nacho ones, and the ranch ones are REALLY good with plain sour cream. I have to be in the mood for them, though. My siblings love them them, but I'll only eat them maybe once a year :shrugs:
  9. No Doritos for me, since they're made with MSG I can't eat them ... fooey. :crybaby:
  10. Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese. love Doritos. They also had a flavor about 2 years ago that they only did for about one year, something with jack cheese..those were the best.
  11. OMG! Regular cheese doritos with sour cream is amazing it's my favorite!!!! I saw someone mention ranch with sour cream...I've never tried that!
  12. Habanero Doritos are my favorite!
  13. I'm not a huge fan of Doritos, but I do like the Cool Ranch ones sometimes :yes:
  14. ^ :yes: It's soooo good!

    I think this thread is giving me my yearly Doritos craving :lol:
  15. I just like good ol' regular cheese Doritos. Baked Doritos are really good too!