New Coach Keyfob

  1. Hi ladies! I know, shame on me for never being around much anymore, I usually hang out over on the Hermes subforum. I miss talking to you ladies! So I popped into Coach today to say hello to my old manager and saw these, and I couldn't resist! It looks perfect on my new Hermes bag, doesn't it? And, I was surprised, because it's large and very intricate, but it was only $28! Man, I love the prices at Coach! :love:

    Anyway, just wanted to share my new little Coach goody!


    PB090066.JPG PB090068.JPG
  2. This snowflake keyfob is really cute. On another note, I love your Hermes scarf. Don't be a stranger here. We miss ya!
  3. I was also surprised at the price of that keyfob - it is really very nice, and large too! It looks amazing on your bag - a nice little touch of winter!
  4. Nice! Hey I LOVE your sig graphic! Did you do that yourself? I would love to do something like that!
  5. tanukiki, go to and you can design your own little girl like that-- they have a MILLION things to choose from and it's all free, down to the Hermes bag she's carrying--! and then yeah, I put it into photoshop after doing a screenshot, and added text :yes: thank you!
  6. YAY! I was tracking your H success for your Herbag over there....but I am excited you found something Coach to decorate her with!!!
    FANTASTIC :smile:
  7. thank you!!!! Something new to play with :yahoo:
  8. Cute!
  9. Thank you, Luvamore, Donna, Candace :shame: Luvamore, that twilly scarf looks really cute with the snowflake on the bag too, but I'm afraid it's too much. I love decorating my bags :tup:
  10. Nah, it wouldn't be too much...the twilly and the fob are in the same color family and WHO CARES?!??!?! DECORATE!!!
    It's the holiday season, time to be festive!!!!
    Plus you can change the look every day...take one thing off, both, or whatever!
  11. By color family, I mean bright yet pretty colors.

    I also think you could tie your scarf on with the fob...
  12. ^^That's the way I had it done earlier, the fob hanging from the scarf. Very cute!
  13. So cute! Looks great on your Herbag! :tup:
  14. i love that keyfob! such a pretty blue color! i love how it looks on your hermes bag
  15. I love your bag! And the keyfob, of course! Congrats on your first Hermes!