**NEW CLs** Woohoo! Let's TALK about the New Styles!

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 20, 2010
  2. Maloka

  3. i don't know how i feel about all the color combinations for spring :/
  4. ^I agree. It must be a trend, since other designers are doing it too, eg, Balenciaga.

    I like the style of maloka, just not sure about that color combo.
  5. I actually like that Straratatatatata pattern.. can't say I would wear it, but I like it!
  6. i really like the maloka. DH would probably think i'm crazy.
  7. i am anti-feticha/titi. because they don't WORK ON MY FEET! :sad:
  8. i haven't tried the titi but the feticha didn't work on me either (but i would still buy if i could find a deal because they are gorgeous!)
  9. Has anyone tried on the Pique? I am wondering how they are fitting?
  10. erinmiyu, I am not feeling the really sharply contrasted colors for Spring either

    alice, I was thinking the same thing! Went to Barney's and saw the multi-colored B-bags and was >_<!
  11. ^^I have tried on the pique and was a little disappointed. I tried the tts, the length was slightly longer, but there was barely enough room for my high arches. In addition, there was a gap at the heel, which when I walked, the zipper was rubbing my heels and hurt so much.
  12. The Titi is WAY more comfortable than the Feticha - FYI!
  13. Whew, glad it wasn't just me. I tried on TTS and they fit fine in the length but super tight on the vamp. I went up a half size and they fit better in the vamp, but still tight and pretty close in the length but there was a small gap in the back (but I didn't have any zipper rub so it wasn't such a big deal). I would recommend half size up for most people. Half size up and a vamp stretch if you have high arches.
  14. Not really feeling either.
  15. Yeah, the peeptoe really eases the pressure.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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