New Catalogue???

  1. I was just at Philadelphia Premium Outlet & picked up a Coach catalogue with legacy stripes on it. I think it is the new catalogue. It has the patent GiGi in it.:tup:
  2. When I placed my order with JAX, she mentioned that a new catalog was out.:yes:
  3. oh yippee!!! Maybe someone will post pics soon....:nuts:

    PS - What's the style no. for the patent Gigi/how much does she cost/what colors does she come in? Does anyone know?

  5. Question about catalogues - do they automatically get mailed to your house or do you have to request them everytime online or get one in the boutique? TIA!
  6. pictures pleaseeeee! :drool:
  7. mine come to me automatically..
  8. You do realize that this is torture, don't you? :sweatdrop: Put up or shut up! :lol:
  9. I've gotten the big catalog changes in the mail (like the Xmas catalog and the Madeline launch) but not the inbetween ones (with the new ergos).
  10. I have to request them :sad:
  11. This is going to be torture! I won't be at Coach until tomorrow :cry:
  12. BOO! I was at Coach today and they didn't have the new catalog in yet. I saw a signature ergo bag w/ khaki patent trim.
  13. I have to request them everytime a new one comes out. Which I don't understand because it seems like if you're in the system (which I am because I buy things) then they should send catalogs automatically. I don't get it.
  14. Pics PLEASE! :nuts:
  15. I got an email from Coach today and the new signature stripe line and other stuff is available on line now. I didn't see the patent GiGi though. I usually get the catalogs in the mail without having to request them. Since I got the email todya, I thought maybe the new catalog would be in my mailbox, but nope. I also called my local botique and they won't be changing the floor set until Sunday night. So, I can see all the new stuff IRL on Monday. Too bad I'll be at work!!! :sad: I don't understand why they always do floor set changes on Mondays. I want to see and touch the new stuff NOW!