New Cartier Panthere ring

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  1. Stunning, congrats!
  2. I also adore this ring in yellow gold, received it today, does anyone know why hallmark and serial number no longer Inside but two little stamps on outside? Know it is authentic as came from Cartier Boutique. Hope someone knows why. Thanks:smile::smile::smile:
  3. a pic!
  4. Thanks, found number and stamp, need glasses!!!! Not sure how to upload pics ?
  5. Gorgeous, I bought in yellow gold think look better with my Cartier crash ring but both stunning, much more expensive in Sydney over $11,000 plus tax, lucky I'm going overseas in 3 weeks, waited 3 years to buy assistant told me 9month wait to order. Love this forum:heart::heart::yahoo::tpfrox::tpfrox::tpfrox:
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. I know this is an old thread but I absolutely love this ring and would like to know how has it held up over time? Does it scratch easily due to the size? It is on my list to purchase in yellow gold but I am concerned about the wear and tear.
  8. A quitessentially droolworthy ring! I prefer YG on this one. Congrats with this stunning piece and wear it in good health and wonder!
  9. Went to the Cartier shop on 5th ave today and they told me there are not too many of this ring left in the world. They also expect to see a price increase at Cartier in late February :sad:
  10. Fierce piece! Congratulations! :smile:
  11. I have purchased this panthere ring in gold large, just divine, but feel too young for me, Australian dollars now 13,000 any advice on where I should sell this beauty, have all papers etc box
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    Hi everyone, have authentic cartier panther head ring large yellow gold, purchased at Cartier Sydney. As mentioned before feel this ring too edgy for me and does not work with my trinity and Crash Ring. I adore it, does anyone have any advice please on where to sell. Cartier assistant said being discontinued? And takes 9months to order.
    NOT sure what to do have all info boxes etc thanks :smile::smile:
  13. Yes the ring does Scratch easily. Told to wear on own without another ring that may rub and scratch
    Easy to get polished but I want to wear every day
  14. I wanted to revive this thread again as I am surprised no one ever discusses the Panthere pieces. They are amazing! Particularly the rings. The matching necklace and bracelet are stunning. I still covet this ring and plan to purchase someday. Was at the boutique recently and was told it does scratch and not to wear it with other rings. Also the stone on the nose of the panther can get chipped. Perhaps this is why not many people have comments about this particular piece. If anyone does have it, please post comments on how it holds up over time.
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