New Cartier Panthere ring

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  1. Please let me share the newest addition to my jewelry collection.
    It's so heavy and I love how edgy it is.

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  2. Gorgeous,i love it!
  3. OMG - this is my HG ring! Congrats - I am green with envy :smile:
  4. Sooooooo beautiful!! Congrats!! :loveeyes::faint::loveeyes::faint::drool:
  5. It's gorgeous!! Huge congrats! This is so next on my list!
  6. I'm obsessed with this ring! Congrats!
  7. Girl - you don't mess around!!! I adore adore the panthere collection. Mine is the smaller sized sister to yours but I agree - aren't these so heavy and detailed. Breathtaking. Enjoy in good health!!
  8. Beautiful!!
  9. Beachy this is a piece of art! Congrats and enjoy your treasure!
  10. Beautiful!
  11. omg gorgeous!!!

    congrats, If I was to get a panthere THIS would be my HG!
  12. Love the Panther Collection!
  13. Gorgeous Ring. Something that i hope i can get one of these days.. ( Hopefully, Soon).. can i ask how much did u pay for it? thx.
  14. WOWZ I'm in love with this ring and looks great on you :loveeyes:.
  15. Gorgeous! What a great piece!
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