New Cartier Panthere ring

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  1. Wow your ring is simply stunning! It looks amazing on your finger. I absolutely love the Panthere collection
  2. Wow that's fabulous beachy, congratulations. So very cool :supacool:
  3. OMG! It's stunning! Congratulations!!!
  4. Looks good on you!
  5. He is gorgeous! Raaaarrrrr! xMMx
  6. Congratulations this ring is stunning :loveeyes:
  7. LOVE this piece, congrats!
  8. Love it!!
  9. wow that is beautiful! i was just thinking about getting a cougar ring...i just ordered the plain rose gold anita ko's being shipped...i wish i could get the cartier:smile: it's amazing...i'm hoping that the anita ko isn't going to be too costumey
  10. awesome ring!! love it
  11. love it! I'm truely green with envy over this piece!!!
  12. Wow, I love your ring!!!
  13. I think this ring is the perfect combo of fierce and classic.
  14. Congrats .
    Amazing how this ring stands the test of time and can still look modern and edgy yet classic at the same time .
  15. Very cool!
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