New Bordeaux Mia Satchel in August!

  1. During my trip to a Coach store today, a SA was sweet enough to hand me a wishbook (aka a catalog) and I noticed they had a divine new MIA satchel. They have so many pretty things coming out in August! It's a shame I won't be able to afford the $428 price tag.... but it's definitely something worth dreaming about. :love:

  2. wow, i do love the bordeaux.
    i wish coach would stop raising their prices. i'll buy a new piece from the fall line anyways.
  3. They're really trying hard to change their target image, aren't they? I wonder what Coach will be like in 10 years!

    I adore the gold rings on the handles... I'm normally not a huge fan of gold but I love the combination!

    The sad thing is that even if I could drop $400 on a purse like that, I live in Seattle. I would only be able to wear that bag 4 days out of the year! lol
  4. these are in stores now?
    i tried it on.
    GORGEOUS. :heart:
  5. So pretty! I like the gold rings too. Man I really want a Mia!
  6. Hmm I love the Mia satchel, but in person the bordeaux is not my fav. I LOVE the tobacco leather!! :smile:
  7. Suede is impractical, but Fab. Also Coach suede doesn't hold up was well as other luxury brands I've found. My sister own one of the suede bags in lilac and she wore it 3 times at with normal use it looks horrible. But, the signature looks great, It should be quite a bit cheaper....mabye look into that?
  8. That's why I don't understand the prices being charged for some of their items. I guess they are trying to reach a certain tye of consumer.
  9. Your poor sister! It would break my heart to spend that much money just to have a bag look like crap after 3 times. :crybaby:

    The signature satchel is $378- might just be an option.
  10. You tried it on?! So jealous! I've just been drooling at it in the catalog.
  11. yeah i dont understand that either, you cant keep making the same type of bags and then making them more expensive, give us a bag worth the money? only one ive seen is the daphne, but even then in the 700s? coach what are you doing?? your just turning your customers away!!
  12. :weird: = why always contrasting white stitching? imo it cheapens the bag, but then again thats probably me lol. aww the suede is that bad? i was thinking of picking up that wristlet in the wishbook..
  13. I like the Mia satchels, and love that bordeaux color. The red "pony" hair (actually calf hair) turnlock hobo they have coming this august is totally TDF. Too bad it's like $800. I'd give my left boob for a matching zip wallet with brass hardware, though. :lol:
  14. LOL Kezza..I agree the mias look great but the price hikes are killing me. I like the signature one & isn't there a white leather one?
  15. Wow that looks gorgeous but for that price :rolleyes: .
    I would rather save a little more money and buy an LV.
    Coach seriously needs to consider where these prices are going.