New Bags 2008/2009 You Most Look Forward To Buying?

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  1. I would have picked YOHJI 38 in clemence but since it is around £4K a pop I'd pass so my pick is Cabag GM. I think the bag is very good in this economic climate and environmentally friendly since minimal leather is used :smile:

    What about you all? You can only pick one! :smile:
  2. I am looking forward to getting my final birkin. Then I aim to get a CDC, maybe the silver one :drool: and get some nice scarves "please check in" comes to mind.
    Not really feeling the H love recently, think its a sign I need a new hobby!
  3. I will be getting one bag this year, a Prune Clemence Evelyne in either a PM2 or GM2. That's it!
  4. Famous last words? :P
  5. Lol, LittleH, I am serious, I feel totally drained!
    Whats your 2009 bag purchase ? :graucho:
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    Oh, I love this question, because I've only just begun! (Carpenters, anyone? LOL)

    I need a summer bag, and am thinking of something in white or cream. Have no idea whether a Birkin or Kelly.
    It will be my third Hermes handbag.

    'Cause the second one I just purchased is currently somewhere in the postal system! :yahoo:
  7. I will receive my second Birkin in 2009. And I want it to be the last one. As you have perhaps read in my thread, I will make a choice between Orange or Etoupe.
  8. I hope to buy my one and only birkin- black 30 cm togo Birkin PHW
  9. I will try and get a HAC or a smaller Birkin. In grey or black tones... With PHW. Let's see if I get lucky in Paris! :heart:

    And also I may get a new Evelyne. I couldn't imagine how much in love I would fall with my parchemin PM2 before I got it. I wear it all the time!
  10. Only pick one?! lol ;)

    If that is the case, it would be the shoulder Kelly :heart:
  11. Hmmm - all of these bags you mentioned were not new 2008/2009 collection - only Ranag answered correctly - as shoulder kelly is indeed a new 2008/09 collection :smile: Sammyjo - I have the same feeling - my bag orders have not yet arrived (in fact just been ordered) and I am not feeling the H love that much no more. Sigh, what to do?!
  12. I also saw the GoodLock over the weekend. I initially did not like it from the photos, but really liked it in person :smile:
  13. I am sorry loveclemence, I didnt realise, sorry no new bag designs for me.
    With regards to the love lost, it will come back or be on another level of admiration but cheating on the side!
  14. maybe the shoulder kelly (in exotics if ..) but to be honest i am not such a huge fan of the new designs nothing like the years before that made me go gaga .
  15. I was hoping that the shoulder kelly would be for me, but the bag itself is just too long, almost 40cm. If only it were 35cm. H bag designers, please hear our plea for a nice structured shoulder bag!