New Bag from Ann Taylor!

  1. Be gentle, ladies and gents, I'm a grad student, I can't afford lambskin Chanels yet! But I did find this very pretty bag at Ann Taylor that I think is a nice synthesis of trends for the season. I just got it the other day in the mail, the leather is thick and soft and the hardware is nice and substantial. What do you guys think?

    ANN TAYLOR ONLINE STORE: Quilted Medium Shoulder Bag

    I know it sorta looks like the love child of a chanel and a stam, but I like to think of it as the happy marriage of a grad student and her budget :roflmfao: It seems classic enough to use for a few years. Still saving up for that Damier Speedy though, must stay on track!
  2. very pretty, congrats! :biggrin:
  3. I just saw it yesterday at the store, nice leather don't worry prefer this 100% better than fakes.
  4. It's great!! AT rocks!!
  5. I haven't seen the smaller version that you got, but I saw the totes and I agree the leather was really nice. Wow, I actually really, really like one you got - I might have to order it.
  6. I like it very much, congrats! =)
    Ann Taylor is one of my favorite shops, love their stuffs. =)
  7. Great for you! I am sure you will be happy!!! Smart too...keep saving and stay on track. You will have what you are saving for sooner than you think and an amazing job to go with it all!
  8. Saw it at the window today, real cute!
  9. Beautiful choice!!! I :heart: it!!!!!!
  10. looks great!!
    just wondering, is it a drawstring type bag? it looks like it to me. at first i thought it was magnetic. hmm.
  11. cute bag! Congrats to you!
  12. id o love it, so much im thinking shoudl i get that or the kooba kendall, because i ultimately want to get a chanel valentine, either this year or next, but at that price i could get both! lol. i do love the flap but i see why you were hesitant about this bag, looking too much like chanel. but i do love this bag and hope for a speedy damiar purchase!!
  13. you know im thinking about forgetting about the kooba and getting this one instead..not sure what to do!
  14. I've been lusting at Pradas too long. I saw the price and immediately thought, "Dang, that's CHEAP!!" It wasn't that long ago that I'd never spend more than $50 on a bag. :wtf:

    I'm an Ann Taylor junkie too: clothes and shoes, but never tried their bags before.

    Gotta order it, though I like the tote too.... Hmmm.....:girlsigh:
  15. Oh, I'm SO bad! I just ordered it!! What the heck? I've been looking for a nice black bag for over a year now! :smile:

    By the way, what's the lining like? What sort of fabric?