New arrivals....Nude patent VP, Leopard patent NP, Black patent VP

  1. My Shih-Tzu was so excited to see my new CLs that she was digging in the box. Like mother like daughter (closest I have to daughter)!!! Abby :heart:'s CLs. She is a little shaggy and needs grooming.
    • Black patent VP burgandy tip (damaged one from BG - looks good on doesn't it?) $616 after damage discount, still unsure if I will keep it - probably.
    • Leopard patent NP $399 - eBay a little small 39.5 but think it will be OK because I LOVE it!!!
    • Nude patent VP gold tip $770 found by calling Saks online and they located a store w/ a return. Lucky!
    IMG_2160.JPG IMG_2165.JPG IMG_2011.JPG IMG_2158.JPG IMG_2006.JPG
  2. Oh boy...make my heart ache over those Nude VPs! I want some so badly! lol!

    All of them are g o r g e o u s ! ! !
  3. congrats! I love the nude vp/gold combo!

    I agree the black vp looks really good on and you cant see any damage at this point from the pictures. I think its worth keeping it based on what I see in the pictures.
  4. ahh i love the black and nude VPs! i still wanna shoot myself for missing the nude ones! eeps so jealous :p
  5. Love the Nude VP's!!! When & with what are you going to wear them???

    They all look great... Youre right the Black Patent looks fine... Such a hard decision to let them go huh?

  6. Those shoes look great on you:yahoo::yahoo:
    I say keep the black VP's especially with the discount. I know how you feel about not parting with them.
  7. :nuts: Those nude VPs have me drooling. Every single pair is gorgeous! :yahoo:
  8. YAY! They are all so pretty and with all the great deals you got, you made out like a bandit!
    I say keep the black patent VPs, they are your hg shoe, they look great on you, and you got them for a great discount, definetly keepers!
    And of course the nude patent VPs, you can't go wrong with those. My favorite shoe!
  9. I also think you should keep the patent VP's they really look great on, what the "nudes" are concrned I am sooo jelous but really happy for you!
  10. I agree - the black VPs are fine, especially with the discount! That's 25%, right? Keep them!
  11. The black VPs look great in the picture. Super hot.
  12. Wow, congrats, Lynn!

    Love all three! I personally like the tiger NPs w/ the black heel over the other heel. I purchased these, as well, but they came with the other heel, so back they went..
  13. Love all of them! Congrats!
  14. :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
    Great great purchases, i love them all !!:heart::heart:
    Congrats !
  15. Great additions to the collection! You should definitely keep the black ones. The whole experience may have left a bad taste, but in the end, you still have the fab shoes for a good price.