Neverfull monogram GM handle ~ I think I have ruined my bag :(

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  1. Hi guys, I am feeling heart broken and devastated seeing my neverfull. I am very much in love with my neverfull GM in the monogram print. It is the original design with the zipped pocket sewed at the side.

    I purchased it the next day right after my wedding with my mum and dad, and my two sisters. It has great sentimental value to me but now I just realized that I may have ruined the handles!!!

    I placed it in the drawer and may have scratched it or maybe it is in fact caused by daily wear and tear. I do not want to get it sent off for repair because I want the original bag, that I got it together with my family. And I do not want my bag to get lost in transit/ returned with another neverfull.

    I know it is so silly to have such strong emotion towards just a handbag. But I couldn't help it. Do any of you have having your neverfull handles looking like this ? I have it for more than 2 years, total constant use is probably add up to be around 7-9months. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459172937.489972.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459172952.841375.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459172970.278344.jpg
  2. Surely LV can have just the handles replaced?
  3. Are you talking about the red edge coating looking worn in? If so, this is normal wear and nothing to be concerned about. It doesn't affect the function or durability of the handles.

  4. But there is no LV store nearby :sad: closest is 8 hrs drive away. And I am paranoid that my bag will get lost in transit. I am just so careless ...

  5. Is good that if is normal wear and tear . I was thinking that I may have ruined it by placing it in a tight drawer. Causing the red edge to fade and fraying on the leather ...
  6. It looks like it just needs to be reglazed. Not a big deal: take it to your store and they will send it off to be reglazed.

  7. Yes, you wore it constantly for 2 years, and yes you possibly added to the wear if you jammed it into a tight drawer and removed it that way constantly. Again it's only the color coating. LV can fix that easily.

    So, you've learned you need to store something you care about more carefully. But your bag is fine, unless there's damage that you haven't shown.
  8. That's absolutely normal. The leather softens and frays at the edges a little where the most stress is out on the handles. You actually have wayyyyy more glaze on your handles than I do on mine that is 1yr old (but I use that bag a ton).

  9. If is just reglazing that doesn't seem like a major fixing, thanks fabuleux !

  10. Yeah I just feel so shocked to see the condition of my precious neverfull , should have taken better care of it /sigh

  11. Hello NurseAnn, I have tried to find preloved neverfull on eBay to see if they have the same handle condition like mine, but I cannot find a good picture. Hence I came to the conclusion that I may have ruined it somehow ... Good to know that this is in fact normal. Now I feel better ~
  12. I have the same bag in the mm size and carried it for 3 years until I recently purchased my first speedy my handles look exactly the same its just normal wear and tear
  13. Normal :smile: I have 4 neverfulls and it happens to all. I rotate my bags and am careful and they still do it. No worries!
  14. Oh dear ALL my vachette nf straps look like this. It is totally normal wear, and it adds character to the bags.
  15. It's leather. The red coating wears off over time no matter what you do on any Louis Vuitton model. I think the fraying just makes vintage bags that more special and show that they have been loved, used, and are well-traveled pieces.