Neverfull GM: Monogram or Ebene?

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  1. Hi everyone! This is going to be my first LV purchase and I'm excited.

    I really wanted the tote because I carry alot to work, schlepping around a laptop some days and sometimes my bag can get crazy. I have my trusty Longchamps but I've been craving something different and more luxurious to carry to work. I settled on the Neverfull GM size, as I love the oversized look and am not much for structured bags.

    My dilemma is which canvas to purchase. I am so torn between the two. I keep thinking of the negatives of both, the Damier Ebene and its cracks/leather crinkles as well as the edging wearing away to reveal red or the Monogram with the naked vachetta that cannot get caught in the rain, I dont mind the patina at all and think the honey color is beautiful with the monogram but I dont like babying my bags. I dont toss them around either and never put them on the floor or anything like that. But I mean if I buy it for work you can bet it will be used and carrying heavy loads. I think I take take pretty good care of my bags, havent had one in grotesque ever.

    Anyways, I live in NYC and for example it rained like crazy the past few days, first day was a complete surprise, other days I was able to be prepared with an umbrella. Although I love the Ebene and it's very classy for a business environment, I cant get over the wrinkles shown in videos after years of use and I heard the straps are not as comfy as the naked vachetta. And while I dislike loud prints, the Monogram I seem to love, very wierd, I absolutely will not buy a bag with the print splashed all over, it needs to be tucked away somewhere. So I'm surprised I love the monogram look on such a large bag as much as I do. And I wouldn't mind getting it but the naked leather makes me scared to wear the bag as much as I would like to with NYC unpredictable weather.

    So my question to you wonderful purse ladies, which would would most recommend? Do you have either for years and find that you manage fine with any of those worries/negatives I posted about? Any advice you have in swaying me to one side more than other would be much appreciated! I want the bag like yesterday but this is the only thing stopping me!

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Based on your criteria I would pick the Damier Ebene. I don't think that the GM size would be as structured as the MM size. It would be better for all weather conditions and it looks clean and classy for work. But, remember it will have an open top so rain drops could possibly get inside the bag.
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  3. Hi.

    I own a much of neverfulls and live in Massachusetts.

    Damier Ebene is definitely stiffer. I have never had a problem with cracking or the straps hurting. I do not cinch the bag. I do make a conscious decision not to use it when it is extremely hot and humid or when it is freezing. I also love how it is understated. This is my favorite print.

    Monogram straps are much softer and get softer over time. When you first get the bag, the straps are so light that if you sneeze it’ll show a spot. Once it is used and starts to patina it is so much better. You are gonna get a spot on the vachetta at some point. After the first spot and your initial breakdown it will be fine. I refer to the spots as beauty marks. And when the vachetta darkens I call a tan:smile: One of my poor neverfulls keeps having bad luck. Sake has been shot into and wine dumped on it 2 different restaurants. Yesterday I got caught in the monsoon of rain. I’ll attached some pics. One of the spots is dark because I tried to blot it dry. Can’t really see the marks on the others because I’m getting that caramel patina. As the handles patina you won’t be able to see any spots anyway. The last picture has a spot light shining on it to see it.

    The trim can also be changed if every needed.

    I always carry a scarf or cardigan because in Massachusetts it can be winter when you leave in the morning and summer when you are at lunch. Lol

    I also have the noir Neverfull with hot pink interior. Rain and snow run off that bag.

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  4. I just bought my first two LV bags, one of which is the monogram neverfull MM. As a newbie, I've been reading this forum often, and what I've learned is that it seems that many/most people suggest treating the vachetta with Apple Guard. I bought some and plan to do that this weekend. I let my bags sun a few times and they're now the lovely honey color so I think it's time. The first day out with the neverfull, I got caught in the rain and have a few spots - but I figured out that the sky isn't going to fall down and the world isn't going to implode because of a few spots on the leather. I favor the monogram - it's a classic and more recognizable to non LV owners, if that matters at all to you. Enjoy!
  5. I'm debating, too. I'd like a GM primarily for travel - usually home to NY. I always have my Speedy B in DE there and I can't tell you how many times I was so grateful to be carefree after getting stuck in a downpour. I pack a Cabas Piano, too, but only use if I am going out for shorter periods of time and I am pretty certain it won't rain. But here in my adopted state of California, I can count on dry weather almost half the year..and yet, I dont see using a GM NF daily (unless I cinch)? So, just thinking it through.
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  6. Damier Ebene gets my vote! Daily bag is subjective, do you carry laptop, lunch bag, umbrella on a daily basis? Neverfull GM is my traveling bag when I have to carry many things. I usually have plenty of space in a Speedy 30 or a little tight with St Germain PM. Depends on what you carry, MM is a popular size but it’s too small as a travel bag. Hope that helps.
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  7. The edge wear will happen on both bags. My DE MM doesn't show any signs after many years of use. My GM ikat in mono had it after barely any use - this is largely due to bumping the corners with the GM. I am very careful with my bags, but it is so large in GM it's inevitable. My DE never had cracking handles until one day when I put my small 13 inch laptop in it and it literally went from the hotel room down a few floors to the meeting room. It's still not bad per my SA, put I will have it replaced eventually with the top trim. If it were mono, I would likely replace all the leather eventually. When I mentioned the cracking to my SA, he left me with the impression both will crack if overloaded due to stretching, I think it is just more noticeable on the coated DE leather. If it were me, I would do mono GM for the more comfortable straps. I also like the look of mono GM cinched but would not cinch DE due to the trim holding creases more. Good luck deciding!
  8. Ebene!
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  9. I like mono best b/c of the leather. I actually prefer the Damier Azur, but that's not on your menu. :smile: And it sounds like you prefer the mono best too.

    I just bought a DA Neverfull in GM and I'm letting it sit in the sun in front of a window to patina until I'm ready to use it for travel. A work bag and a travel bag are going to get beat up, no way around it. Take a few precautions in the beginning, then let it live its happy, messy Neverfull life.
  10. Mono.
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  11. Mono. There is a reason this print appeals to you when usually loud prints do not appeal to you. It is timeless and classy in my opinion. Let the leather turn honey colored by exposing it to sunlight, then, although there is debate as to whether or not to treat vachette leather, it sounds like you would prefer it treated to help reduce spots. I personally prefer monogram over damier print for the Neverfull. I just feel that the squares don’t belong on such a non-structured bag. That’s just my opinion. You can always get a damier print on another bag some day.
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  12. I just got my first neverfull (an MM size but i faced a similar canvas choice) and i ended up going for the DE, LV is using new matte leather and I really loved the look of it - I was never a fan of the shiny treated leather.
    It is most likely going to crease but everything will at some point, we are talking about leather.
    I didnt really like the look of the vachetta trim on the mono in the moment when i tried it on at the store even though I loved the look of it in pictures and on other people. I think you should go into the store and take some time to play around with the bags, see what feels more natural and get input from an SA. Im sure youll make a great choice though, best of luck!
  13. Not a DE fan, so my vote goes to Mono. I let my Mono GM (I also have a DA MM) get a little sun and then left it alone. It looks great. I had a negative experience treating the leather on my MM, so I don't recommend it. LV doesn't recommend it. Had I paid attention to the latter point, I wouldn't have experienced the former!
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  14. I use my NF MM's as a daily bag but started craving a GM. I bought a Mono GM recently off ebay and it's amazing! It's a perfect travel bag or if you carry a lot on a daily basis. I cinched the sides when I was on the Metro so no one could steal anything. I prefer Mono - it's true about the straps. When I first got my DE NF in the MM size years ago, I almost wanted to return it! I carried it while wearing a sleeveless top and the straps dug into my shoulder so bad. Eventually they softened up but not as soft as vachetta. I think if you plan to carry heavy things - especially a laptop, I'd go with Mono. It IS painful when you get your first watermarks or stains but eventually they all blend in once it patinas. You can always go the pre-loved route if you're uncertain about the pattern. I paid $600 for my GM- old style without the pouch.
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  15. Thank you everyone for your replies!! You are all phenomenal!!

    PurseAddict728: Definitely one of the appeals of the GM is not only that it fits my life but the unstructured look, which I adore. Thank you for mentioning the open top! I do not mind that at all and surprising not a worry for me. I haven't had any worries with other open top bags I carry and I do love the possibility to cinching the top. Although its not a solution to rain getting in, it does help.

    Meesh202: That was another thing, the DE seems to be stiffer and I assume takes a while (if ever?) to loosen up as opposed to the Mono which seems to relax a little more quickly? I do love the understated look as well! Thank you for taking the time to upload pictures of your Neverfull! She is beautiful! And you are right, once you get that first mark or ding, you do stress less! Thank you for your tips!!

    Babe4111: Thank you for your reply! I have heard to that Apple Guard is a favorite among many for helping to treat the vachetta. Please let me know how it goes once you do it! I would love to hear your thoughts after!

    LaDolceLaria: Its hard decision! That is one of the reasons I like the GM size because if you need to downplay the size you can cinch it. But, cinching the DE, would that increase the wrinkling faster? I haven't heard that complaint from the Mono users, more from the DE users.

    nvie: Thank you for your vote! Some days when I know its going to be a light day Ill switch to a smaller bag, but usually its my work laptop which is not small and light like my personal laptop :sad: I do carry lunch some days, water bottle all days, umbrella when I see the forecast looks cloudy with chances of rain, I carry a light cardigan because its freezing in the office and trains. Among all the other usual stuff wallet, keys, book, ipad or kindle, sometimes work papers or binder I need to work on. The MM I wouldn't mind but the size is like my Longchamp, so right now I feel as though I have that size already, maybe one day I might get the MM though! Plus, I am pregnant and plan on using this be a baby bag and travel bag...the GM seems to be so versatile!

    dmmiller: Thank you for your response! Oh no, that's what I am afraid of, the stretching of the strap. I know they do happen over time and you are right, I wouldn't want to cinch the DE due to the trim holding more creases. I do love the look of it cinched, not all the way but that sweet almost square shape. Thank you for mentioning that due to the size of the GM its more prone to bumping, makes complete sense. And replacement of the straps, nice to have that option if needed!

    br3wx: another for the DE!

    KimTX: Haha, although the DA is beautiful, I cant see myself wearing it too often because of the white. Thank you for your response! Definitely going to get beat up, I think I am just overthinking it and letting all the things I have read get to me and making me anxious. I like that, a happy messy Neverfull life :smile:

    : one for the Mono!

    gettinpurseonal: Thank you for your response! You know, the more I think about it, the more the Mono is winning. And you are right, I can always get the DE on a different bag.... hehehe.

    anandotorg: Thank you for your suggestion! I definitely will be going to the store and trying on, inspecting, modeling etc the bags lol. And that is so interesting, I haven't heard that they are changing the DE handles to a more matte look, that is very appealing...hmmm...

    OCMomof3: Ah, yes. Thank you for your insight. Although I have heard of success stories treating the leather, I most likely would not because I probably would be the person it gets messed up with. If I do end up with the Mono I will try that sun trick to help with the patina.

    So far the count is....
    DE: 6
    Mono: 6

    Lol!! Split even! XD Although if I add my sisters opinion the Mono with be at 7 votes :smile:

    I think its a matter of going into the store and actually testing the bags out. So far what I have seen are videos and pictures. Who knows I may completely fall in love with the Azure and its not even on my radar. :smile:
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