never lost, but found! HELP!

  1. Dear, goodness! :nuts: I just opened the latest issue of teen vogue only to find an exqusite handbag by louis vuitton being held by kate moss wearing only jeans and a scarf. The bag features it's signature LV monogram, leopard print at bottom corners, and a rich amber chain-link. I have searched all over the web for more information regarding this beautiful bag with no success. Anyone with luck, please post a picture of the ad and the name of the purse!

    winner gets 5 ghostbux! :graucho:
  2. [​IMG]?
  3. i love this bag too...
  4. yes, yes, yes! the small one.

    what's it called?
  5. i forget what its called by i saw it in august's issue of vouge..but i do remeber that it retails for $7700!
  6. I don't like this bag for some reason, the leopard print and the monogram canvas just don't match and looks really tacky...
  7. I AGREE! Animal prints are over - why would you ruin a CLASSIC Louis, with TRASHY leopard print...Yuck...
  8. To each her own but animal prints are never over... Look around... Look in Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and Macys catalogs and what you will find are leopard/animal print everything. They have been around and will be around for a long, long time. If you look at old movies (1930's) you will see women's suits with leopard print cuffs on the sleeves etc. Then shift forward to the aforementioned catalogs and you see a continum.

    Trust me broken.bones, if you like the LV and leopard bags go for it. Leopard print has been around and will continue to be around for a long, long time. I've personally collected things made in the print for over 20 years. LV certainly would not have collaborated with a print that is over. Think about it, that would cost them too much money when they are a business that is about making more and more money!
  9. i love animal print :girlsigh:
    don't care if it's so last season... if you like like it, GET IT!
  10. thanks guys!


    i love this bag.

    trust me, i could care less what other people think. ;)

    i was going for the bag anyways...


    afsweetii89, how did you figure this price out?
  11. I think it´s tacky:shame::sad:
  12. It's an awful looking bag sorry
  13. don't really care for the bag, but I do LOVE the red scarf :yahoo:

    however I remember seeing a HUGE scarf at the show, but the only red one at the webpage is only 25x25?!

    anyone know more?!

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  14. that's the one:
    leo scarf 2.jpg leo scarf.jpg
  15. I :heart: animal prints. :flowers: