Net-A-Porter Sale has begun!

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  1. There are tons of chloes on sale, as well as other great bags. :heart:
  2. There are some good deals. Thanks!:yes:
  3. I can only find two Chloe bags on Sale? :crybaby:
  4. This is not fair for European customers:cursing:!!! Does anyone know when the European sale will start? TIA
  5. Oh My God! I'm going broke on Chloe bags with all these sales.:sweatdrop:
  6. There are only a few on the European site.:tdown:

    And, they have been there for ages.:okay:

    'Bout time they gave us some new offers.:graucho:

  7. ITA - some of those handbags have been sat there since before Christmas!
  8. I am not sure if we are all seeing the same items.

    I can only see 2 Chloes, an Ollie and the Gina bag which I have been watching since the beginning of the year.
  9. This post is all about the sale on the US site- if you change currency and or country you will see the US site - You and I are seeing the same site (Int UK, ie shipped from UK) for eg this listing has been there since just before Christmas

    Alexander McQueen
    Woven Circular Bag

    Alot of what we are seeing is "stuff" they have been unable to shift for ages - the only new listings recently have been the mid seasons sales - everything else is pre Christmas, or Jan sales.
  10. I am so sorry UK gals... I didn't realize NAP had different merchandise for the US and UK. :sad:
  11. Tell me about it!!! It is starting to get ridiculous!!! Can we email them asking for the sale date?
  12. Won't NAP US ship to the UK?
  13. I emailed them asking when their sale starts. I'll see what they answer back!!!
  14. I got the mini Paddington wallet for 40% off!