Neiman Marcus New Stock

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  1. I walked through Neiman's yesterday and they had tons of new stock!

    :love: A Paddington(whisky?), 2 Spy's(honey? & conac?), 3 Pony Balenciagas (magenta, teal, and black), Leather Balenciagas(black, all sizes).....Diors,...Guccis(hobo's w/crystal flowers!)....I was totally overwhelmed! I kept making the poor sales assistant show me each one. (this is the NM where most are in the museum cases).

    I don't know which to buy?!?! Each one was fantastic. Really want the Le Dix. I fell in love with it when I saw it in the NYT Sunday Style section 4 (?) years ago. But the Paddington was so soft and the Spy was amazing. (trouble breathing.....:smile: )

    Now waiting for my W2 so I can efile income tax refund this week. Except I'm not a patient person.:lol:
  2. did u go to the neiman marcus in paramus or in short hills?.......gotta go check it out and deplete my savings some more.....
  3. i'm with you, honey...can't wait for the tax return! since my job is only part time, i don't think i've made enough this year to pay taxes, so i should be getting like a grand back, lol
  4. Paramus...don't buy them all:biggrin: - leave some for me, please.

    Have fun!
  5. Ahhhh, I miss the NJ Neiman's (both Short Hills and Paramus). I don't think the Neiman's at Tyson's (VA) and the Galleria (DC) have as great of a selection. :sad2:
  6. ahhhh....i wanna see the new stuff too!!
    when are the big brand finally updating their websites???