Need Your Opinion On The First Mj Purchase

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I'm not very familiar with MJ nor was really into the designer brand until recently when I was shopping at NM, I saw this really beautiful S/S 08 Elise Satchel in bright blue. I'm thinking of getting it this week but first I would like to know what are your opinions of it. Please chip in your comments, that will be really helpful. Thanks ladies!!!

    P.S. I wasn't able to find a picture of the exact bag but was able to find the style on one (top left) and the color on the other (bottom right), just to give you an idea. (Pictures borrowed from the Reference thread).

  2. i love it! i think the blue is pretty and the patent is fun. you should definitely get it. i doubt there's gonna be anyone here who will tell you to do otherwise. ;)
  3. Nice! That's the patent Elise. The bright blue is such a neat color for the spring. i really like it. Did you try on the Elise? I think it's an arm bag. I dont think it fits over the shoulder.. also, if you end up getting it, put all of your stuff inside and sit it flat on a table before you cut the tags. My friend has a Patchwork metallic Elise that sags between where the handles meet, and I'm not sure whether this would be an issue for the S/S patent versions...
  4. ^ that's so weird. must be that the metallic leather is softer or thinner. there's no sagging with my classic soft calf venetia at all. it's so structured that i doubt i could get it to sag even if i stuffed the bag to max capacity.
  5. Thank you so much ladies, more comments will be very appreciated.
  6. yea, it is weird. I don't think it's that bad though, but must be just the PW Elise cuz my PW venetia doesnt sag either.
  7. Go for it. The blue patent looks like a great spring color! Be sure to post pictures if you get it.
  8. Here you go:

  9. Oh, thanks Joke, that's exactly the bag that I'm talking about.
  10. post IRL pics when you get her, please :smile:
  11. Is there any other styles that come in this color? I want to give myself more options as it will be my first MJ.
  12. the MP too rop

  13. The patent blue elise looks lovely. It'd be great to use in the spring and summer. The mp above looks great too.
  14. Have seen the large mp in blue, prefer the elise, imo it looks nicer in the patent than the mp.