Need Info Please!! CHANEL Flap White

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    Good day!
    i would like to seek your assistance and advice regarding this bag
    15c A92677Y25798 white , if you do have this bag. Can you show some pictures and any comments?Thank you in advance
  2. Fellow TPF members:
    Please be mindful about watermarking your photographs before assisting anyone who outright requests photos.
    If you need assistance learning how to watermark your personal photos prior to uploading them to TPF, please send me a private message and I will be happy to help!
  3. Thanks for the info Plumeria233, yup much better if you can add watermark. If you have any website link that will help me getting info regarding this model much better. Thanks Ladies
  4. Hi and welcome to tPF. Generally members will be a little wary of sharing details of their bags for unknown reasons.
    What exactly are you looking for and why do you need the info?
  5. Why do you want pictures without watermarks ?
  6. Like I said, if no pictures thats fine. Just want to know the name of this model and if any one know some information or looks of the bag. If none thats fine. Im trying this forum cuz I cant find any info in internet. If none thats perfectly fine, I do understand. Thanks again.
  7. Hello, thanks for the response. I would like to know the name of this model? I'm new here and don't know if I posted it correctly.
  8. It seems you have a style number but no picture of the bag and no idea which bag it is.
    So why are you seeking this info?
  9. I don't know the looks of the bag also, that's why I'm asking if you guys seen this bag or if you have any idea about the looks.Thank you
  10. You had the box to the bag so how did you get the box and why do you want a picture of a bag you just have a code too?
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  11. Yes, but why?
  12. I want to see the looks of the bag and dimension/size
  13. Why do you want to see this bag and know its dimensions? What is your purpose for this inquiry?
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  14. How do you have a box but no bag? You must see how suspicious this looks. You posted a picture of the box but have since deleted it. You have posted wanting to see receipts and you want to see pictures of a bag you have the box to but no bag but no pictures with watermarks. In all honesty it looks like you are trying to sell a fake bag online with a picture of someone else's box and trying to post pics of the bag with someone else's pictures. Sorry if that's wrong but that's the way it seems to me. I think by know you should realize your not getting the pictures on purse forum so you should move on.
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  15. what do mean deleted? I didn't delete anything on my post. You can check my post history. Also I don't sell fakes, I just trying to get help cause people selling it to me and I don't have knowledge regarding Chanel. if you read my post properly, no picture are Ok with me, I'm just trying to get reference for this bag. I respect your opinion and If you judging people because they are new, you need to change the way you think and act professionally since I don't offend or did something wrong here. If no one helps me, I do understand and respect that. Have a nice day!