Need help to choose a school bag!

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What bag should I get?

  1. Mono Speedy

  2. Red Epi Noe

  3. Damier Bastille

  4. Something else

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, after a bit of research and financial planning (and maybe a talk with my parents:shame:smile: I've figured out that I can allow myself to get a new bag for university :yahoo: Of course, being me and indesicive, I have no idea what to get! I'm currently thinking of the following:

    Mono Speedy This bag is a classic and everybody should have one, and I really love it (I have a perfo already) and think it's a brilliant bag. I used my perfo in high school a bit, and it's a perfect school bag for those days I didn't have to carry my computer (I have a 12" powerbook that was just too big, and is thinking of getting a 13" macbook). The price is also an aspect. If I get it, I can afford to get a wallet as well, which I really feel that I need, but on the other hand, the fact that it's cheap makes me want to put it off, as it's easier to save up for it later than it would be to save for a $1000 bag.

    Red epi Noe I've dreamed of this bag for almost a year now, and I love how beautiful it is and I was planning on getting it for my first paycheck (however, my job turned out to be a nightmare, so I quit before I got that far). However, I've never owned a regular noe, so can anybody tell me if it seem practical for schoolwork? As mentioned above, I have a 12" powerbook that I tend to haul with me and will have books. Weight isn't really as important as it is that it should look good. I also like that it's fairily neutral and doesn't scream LV which won't draw too much attention.

    Damier Bastille I really like messenger style bags, and again, I like that it doesn't scream "LV". However, I'm one of those who get sore shoulders after carrying one around for too long.. :p I really think it has a cool look and have been wanting one for quite a while.

    Something else Otherwise, I wouldn't mind getting another type of speedy (Damier, MC, azur, epi) although they aren't as prioritized as the mono. I'm also drooling over the BH, and don't mind the cabas bags or the mono messenger bag (I can't remember its name, but it's not the bosphore, but the one that looks more like a mono version of the bastille)

    So, any inputs?
  2. id go with a speedy. iv got a 30 and i can fit all of my things in for university. a 35 might be a bit better though.
  3. i'd go with either a noe (large) or a speedy in the 35 size (which i'm currently saving my money for). i have a large mono noe which i use for school. it fits all the essentials!
    PS: couldn't vote twice so i voted for the noe!
  4. I'm also leaning heavily towards the Noe because it's seriously one of the prettiest bags I've ever seen:love: BUT I'm so insecure, lol :p I've actually considered the speedy 35 too, but I'm not sure about it (I want it sooner or later, though :p) thanks for your input, girls :smile:
  5. Noe Noe all the way:wlae:~ I am planning on getting a petite noe in epi~
  6. Think you should go for the Noé (large one) since it holds everything you would possibly need. The orginal design was to hold champagne-bottles, so the bag is very strong both in the shoulder-strop and bottom of the bag. The shape with the soft leather make it possible for you to use it for things which is very big or wide.
  7. Hmmm... you girls make me lean towards the Noe :graucho:
  8. noe now! hehe holds a ton plus it looks pretty empty or completly full
  9. I say BH because it's a shoulder bag so your hands will be free! Plus it's a tote so you can throw things into it without undoing a zip.
  10. I would get the noe.:yes: Epi is very durable, you don't have to worry much about rain or dirt either.
    It's also a shoulder bag leaving your hands free to carry other stuff.
  11. I think the BH would be perfect for you! You could put everything in it, and it's an adorable bag!
  12. I'm leaning towards Noe big time now :p However, is it possible to wear it across the body? I'm not thinking of doing it often, but I'm planning to bike to and from school, so then it would be nice to have it across the body at least for then..
  13. BH is so pretty and I definitely want it sooner or later.. but the Noe is indeed yummi :love:
  14. Another thing I've briefly considered, what about a keepall 45 with shoulder strap? Or will that look very odd?
  15. Noe for sure!

    As to wearing it cross body, I could never do it, but I saw a very slender, petite, flat-chested (which I am far from being, LOL) girl at the mall was wearing that way who rocked it!