Need help picking next SLG!

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  1. Mini pochette, it's a classic piece you won't regret.
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  2. Have you thought about belt or shawl?I have shawl and I enjoy using it despite it being high maintenance item. It's warm, luxury, but casual in the same time.I have denim one, I love it!It does snag, but I still enjoy wearing it.After 1 snag I got over it and I don't worry anymore.I'm thinking of buying another one some time...
    I don't have a belt, but I'd like one , I think. Could work if you wear many pants and jeans, maybe?
  3. I vote for the cosmetic pouch GM. I have had mine for five years and it is very functional and the inside is washable so stays clean. Still looks perfect after all this use.
  4. I think you make a very good point - there doesn't seem to be an SLG which is really missing from my collection based on my lifestyle. I'm happy to use my pochette accessoires as a catch-all for my stuff in the diaper bag so another pouch isn't really necessary either. This is tough!
  5. I have definitely been lusting over the shawls! My only concern is whether it would be a practical item now I have a newborn.
  6. I vote mini pouchette. I actually use these as my wallet. I like all my junk in one place without having to find a card in a million slots or struggle to get my cards in/out of the slots. The only negative is sometimes it gets a tad heavy because I end up collecting a lot of coins in it. It's also got a chain so you can clip it to your bag for easy accessibility. It can be used for many things as well.

    Not a fan of the 6 key holder but I also don't carry around a lot of keys lol.

    I'm against the cosmetic pouch for the reason you posted. It's very expensive to end up full of makeup. I feel like you'd regret that one because you'd feel like you ruined it.

    The ZCP is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a great little wallet. However if your used to a full size wallet it might not get a lot of use. The ZCP actually fits all my cards perfectly however when I and a little bit of cash I can't open/close it easily. I generally don't carry a lot of cash but I've had more than one occasion where money got caught up in the zipper. And I had to have someone else open it for me.

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  7. Voted earlier, but here's the lovely thing about the mini pochette: fits more than you would think and perfect for quick errands. Easily holds zippy multicartes, pen, big lip gloss, and key fob. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467498026.539683.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467498049.724872.jpg
  8. Omg I'm so glad you posted that! I'm considering getting a zippy mulitcartes and had no idea it would fit in my mini pochettes! I've used a mini pochette every day as my wallet since I got my first one in 2009. They're awesome!
  9. I vote for mini pouchette. It is multi purpose and you will soon find many uses for it.
  10. Would there be a point for the mini pouchette if one owns the Eva clutch? Maybe consider that