Need help picking next SLG!

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  1. Hi all. I am looking to add to my SLG collection. It must be something I can USE EVERYDAY and doesn't make one of my current SLGs redundant.

    Do you have any suggestions??

    SLGs I currently own:
    1. Anais wallet in mono - compact enough to go in small bags but also functions as a full size wallet in my bigger bags.

    2. Cles in mono - used as a small wallet in my smaller bags or to house my keys in my bigger bags. As my main bag will be a diaper bag for the foreseeable future it will mainly be used for my keys.

    3. Agenda PM in Pomme - used as my day-to-day diary.

    4. Pochette Accessoires in mono - mainly used as a cross body bag but also as a catch all in my bigger bags.

    SLGs I have considered:
    1. 6 key holder. I like the idea of keeping my travel card in the back but I was struggling to find a use for my cles if I got this. I don't want to use my cles for clips etc - seems a waste.

    2. Cosmetic pouch in GM (the PM wouldn't fit all my makeup). Issue with this is I tend to change my cosmetic bags every six months because they get filthy quickly! Probably a bit more than I want to spend especially for something which will have to sit at home for the next year while I'm on maternity leave.

    3. ZCP in denim. Not practical since I already have a wallet but this has been on my wish list for a while. Just so pretty. Probably a bit more than I want to spend as well.

    4. Mini pochette. I really like the look of this piece but I need to figure out a use for it!

    Thanks everyone!
  2. You. Need. The. Mini. Pochette. Immediately!!!

    I know what you mean about not being sure of the use at first, but now I can't imagine living without it. It is SO useful and versatile. I stuck a very thin Vera Bradley card/ID holder inside, and I keep my main credit card and ID in there. On one side of the card holder, I put my iPhone. On the other side, a lip balm. I bought a lovely yellow leather (non-LV) wristlet to attach to it, and I either clip my keys to the outside or put them inside (they fit very comfortably). I keep this whole ensemble in my Neverfull, and take it out to go to the gym, run in the grocery store, or whatever. FURTHERMORE, when I change bags, it's so easy - just throw the Mini Pochette in the next bag. I also use it for receipts and anything else I may pick up during the day that I need to hold on to.

    Of all my bags and SLGs, of all brands, the LV Mini Pochette is by far my most used. Not to mention that it's just gorgeous to look at and so carefree (as the canvas is indestructible).

    Good luck deciding!
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  3. I've kinda owned all the SLGs that you are considering (ie, some were LV while others weren't LV but similar), so this is just my .02 cents:

    6 key holder: LOVE this, especially since I have a ton of keys. I don't have this in LV, but a different brand that has 6 key rings and a pocket. I hated the cles, but I love the 6 key holder. It just works better for my keys and what I want to use it for. If you are worried about your cles not getting in use, you can always use it as a change purse. I struggle with having a lot of coins in my wallet because it makes it really fat. Having an extra change pouch is useful, so I guess the cles would be good for that.

    Cosmetic pouch: I don't like designer cosmetic pouches for the same reason you specified. They get dirty very quickly and I feel like it's just a waste of $$$. I know people like them, though, but after having several high-end ones, I'd rather have a cheap nylon makeup pouch I can throw in the wash.

    ZCP: I used to own a ZCP and initially I liked it. After a while, I hated it because it is really hard to get in and out of because it's so small and tight. The multicartes works better for me because it is accordion style and all the pockets open up wider.

    mini pochette: super useful and I like using this as a catchall more than my pochette accessoires (I tend to use the larger pochette as a travel catchall or as a clutch). It is just much more handy because it doesn't take up too much space in my bag.
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  4. Toiletry 19! Best LV slg to store your cosmetics, it's also portable than cosmetic gm, and fits a lot more than mini pochette.
  5. I so love the feminine shape of the cosmetic pouch PM. I have two. One I use as a catchall in my Speedy. I like the fact that it stands up on it's own. So if I am touching up makeup it stands on it's own while I use my hands to do other things. I don't want tiny items spilling out. I use my other cosmetic pouch daily for vitamins and meds. I organize all my pills in these little pill bags. It makes taking daily pills so stylish and easy breezy to travel with.

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  6. Either the Cosmetic GM or Toiletry 19/26 are good options since they're easy to clean inside (take a scent and alcohol-free baby wipe to the interior once or twice a month and you're gold) and can either hold your cosmetics or act as a catch-all in your larger bags. I use mine to help organize my things and it's invaluable.
  7. I vote for cosmetic pouch GM.
    It's a beautiful and versatile item!
  8. I did consider this however it's out of stock in the UK!
  9. 6 Key holder!

  10. +1

    i am so with you! my pretty little mini pochette DE has been everything to me! I am so glad it purchased it and I honestly use it more than my Neverfull or Siena MM :heart:
  11. Mini pochette
  12. Mini pochette is perfect for everything
  13. +1 on the mini pochette! I have one in monogram and would love to have more. I use it more than anything else. It's a small clutch when I need to run errands. It goes in my Speedy with lipstick and makeup. When out with the daughter, it holds bandaids, sunblock and anti-itch cream.

    I recently went on vacation and it was perfect. It held debit card, license, cash, lip balm and my iPhone 6. I belt-looped the chain through two of my jeans belt holders and it looked adorable hanging evenly from my hip!
  14. I like the TP 19- that sucks that it's sold out! The mini pochette is really versatile and I think it will come in handy in the future. Your cles will be perfect for keys and DL/cc's and you can put your odds and ends in the mini pochette along with the larger pochette if needed. I hated carrying a large diaper bag so I soon moved to a smallish diaper bag and brought along a small wallet, keys and a few pouches (for makeup and my odds and ends) besides a few baby supplies and gear. I kept a large diaper bag with the mother lode in the car. You can never go wrong with pouches. Although I carry LV cosmetic pouches in my purses, I use MAC make up bags and brush rolls at home to store all my makeup and brushes. I can throw those in the washer and they're indestructible! That could be an option for you- get a large MAC bag for your makeup and get the mini pochette for the other things: receipts, nail clipper/file, band aids, sanitizer, pills, etc.
  15. I would suggest to put that money towards a nice clutch. I don't think you need any SLG, you have everything you need and you don't really like anything badly to just go and buy...Many people suggested mini pochette here, but I had one and sold it.Never regretted. To me it was useless, such an expensive item to hold pins or lipstick.It would not fit my big iPhone 6+ and was too fragile (to me at least, because of lining) for makeup. I have agenda pm, but don't really use it everyday. I'm thinking of selling it. I have 2 wallets and cles (that I use for keys or cards in my alma bb). I feel like 2 wallets are too much, so I would not suggest buying another one in case you are thinking about it too. If you didn't feel that way about makeup bag, I would suggest it, but I would not spend so much money on a makeup bag as well, but I don't really carry any makeup but a lipstick or a concealer.GLD!