Need help on chosing a bag

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  1. I want a nice bag for the spring/ summer.
    What do you girls think of the chloe mini paddington in silver?
    You can check it out on
    Maybe you girls can give me your opinions on some great options.
  2. too cute for words!!!
  3. I must say, the paddington is growing on me! :smile: i say if you LOVE it, then totally get it!
  4. I concur...if you really love it, get it, and then post pictures so we can all drool over your beautiful bag! :love: :love:
  5. Very adorable, and if it's silver, you can dress that up and it'd be a very nice, dressier accessory. ;)
  6. i love it! i want it, but i'm trying to be good..its calling my name though, LOUDLY
  7. I know you need this in your closet !!!! I sense it ! Buy it ! its worth it, Its adorable
  8. You can't go wrong with Chloe!;)
  9. I agree with the Chloe consensus but would offer a matte non-metallic suggestion; such as, the cream mini-paddy. Check out Star3777's bag showcase for a picture of her modeling the bag.

    To me, that is the perfect SS accessory.
  10. What do you girls think about the silver color. I really love the mini and I want something in the cooler tones like silver gray blue or white. I don't want the brown or whiskey or anything like that. What color do you think is best?
  11. i really like the silver b/c of the silver hardware. i've never been a big fan of gold hardware, so the non-metallic colors don't do it for me. do you have a hardware preference?
  12. If you like it you should have it. There are so many options if you want to look around before making a definite decision. Balenciaga has great spring colors. Marc Jacobs has some nice spring/summer bags. Gucci has a nice spring/summer line. The choices are endless. What kind of style are you leaning towards?
  13. I think I like the silver more also. Most of my jewellery is white gold and my watch is also white gold soo i think ill stick to the silver! thanks.
  14. the silver is absolutely gorgeous! i can't say i like gold hardware either...
  15. Now should I get the silver mini or the regular silve paddington. I am sooo confused!! aHhhh

    I am small. I am 5'1 and a very petite frame.