Need help deciding!

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which size to get?

  1. Praline RH WORK

  2. Praline RH City

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. #1 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    hi ladies, i have disappeared for a while.
    deciding between a praline city or work

    i have in my collection
    an argent weekender
    a black city
    and a verty work

    the weekender is a bit big for everyday use
    black city in my opinion just right to carry the amount of stuff i need
    but maybe a little small with my frame
    the work definitely look better to my frame but a bit big
    i tend to over stuff when my bag gets bigger haha

    for a moment i wanted to just get both of them!!! omgod! help! :whiteflag:

    p.s. oh if girls that own praline don't mind, feel free to post some modeling pics!
    ive searched the forum but i can't seem to find city ones : )
  2. I don't own a city/ work but saw pics of the others and thought Work would be a great everyday bag. :biggrin:
  3. I just bought an aquamarine rh city...but it looks so small on me. I think work is a better size...
  5. i am leaning towards the work as well : )
    adding a modeling pic of my vert d'eau work and black city
  6. Praline Work!
  7. i voted for the work too, but also think that the PT might be an option for you :graucho:
  8. vote for Praline Work:yahoo:
  9. defintley the praline work, and as snoesje said maybe a PT?
    I agree that the work suits your frame better as well.
  10. Work!
  11. mmm thanks ladies!! i've decided on a work!!!! hehe
    well i had a PT b4 and i didn't really like the length of it : )
  12. Hi - good to hear that! I think the Work is a better size on you.
  13. Praline WORK would look really nice!
  14. I'm a City girl and much prefer my 3 cities to my Work, so I voted City.
  15. Okay, I've voted for the city because praline is a really light color and i thought that the chance of color transfer from jeans etc is higher. BUT, i just saw your modelling pic and u totally work the WORK so i change my vote to that...