Need Help Deciding!


Which clutch would you get?

  1. Black SGH Envelope Clutch

  2. Black SGH Flat Handle Clutch

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok ladies,

    Im getting a Black clutch with SGH but cant decide between 2 styles. Between the Giant Envelope clutch and the Giant Flat Handle Clutch, which one do you guys think has a hotter look? Do you think they're both as practicle for a night out?

    Please help? Which one would you guys get?
  2. I love the flat!:love: Have you been able to visit a store and test both out?
  3. I voted for flat.
  4. mmm I have an eggplant flat clutch and love it with RH but I think i really like the envelope clutch with the SGH
  5. I've seen the envelope clutch irl, it was lovely. I've only seen the flat clutch in pics but it seems to have a pretty cool look.
  6. I vote for the flat clutch.... more practical with the strap... I originally wanted the envelope coz i thought it was just really feminine and all... but if i cant have my hands free, then I'll pass... the strap on the flat will be better for a night out IMHO.... good luck!
  7. flat clutch!
  8. envelope clutch with the SGH for me ;)
  9. I L:love:ve L:love:ve L:love:ve L:love:ve Envelope Clutch...madly :graucho:!!
    I would like it Violet SGH...
  10. I have been drooling over an envelope clutch forever:drool:... I am so living vicariously through you...:love:
  11. the envelope! SO chic!
  12. How will you be using this bag mostly? I see the handle clutch as an all-purpose one, like going to the shops to get groceries, running errands etc, and also for dinners or clubbing etc. I see the envelope clutch as very classy, a little bit glam, and mostly for nice dinners or functions out. Just my opinions though!
  13. I vote for the envelope clutch. It is very cool, easy to hold, and holds a lot. I think it is better for clubbing, dinner, etc. as it seems dressier than the flat clutch to me.
  14. I love the look of the envelope clutch, but I prefer the handle clutch for ease of holding.

    Anyone who owns an envelope clutch to share on how easy it is to hold/use?
  15. I like the envelope, but it depends on the kind of evening... if you have to go clubbing the flat is more practical IMO, because of the strap.