need help about fekkai?!? fried my hair

  1. :crybaby:hello!!
    i was wondering if anyone has tried
    Frederic Fekkai Advanced Care Overnight Hair Repair
    i want to try it but it is $195!!!
    im scouring eBay to see if there
    is any but theres not a whole lot
    let me tell you what i did to myself:wtf:
    i bleached my hair used a 40 developer but i left it on for 2 hours so yeah i fried my hair bad
    it was breakin off really bad
    i have gotten it to a better condition but i want to do more
    so i wanted to try that & oscar blandi's luce
    how bout that
    need help
  2. You willingly did this to yourself?
  3. Oh my. Don't freak out. I did silly things to my hair all the time when younger (and at the present time, too). To answer your question, I haven't used the product you speak of, but I've tried other FF items and they are fabulous. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. If you want to try a more readily available thing, Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle worked wonders for my hair. Maybe use it while you get ahold of FF's.

    Good luck!
  4. yes i did do it on purpose kind of i dont want to go do a salon when i know i can do it myselfi also the previous day colored my hair a different color but really didnt like it so i wanted it out
    i want to do it again cuz my roots are poppin out now but im tryin to wait til my other stuff grows out i just dont have the patience for it

    i did it some time in april or may & struggled for a while it would take me forever to blowdry my hair & you could just see my hair breaking away i had pieces that were so short i started using boilage which works great but its pricey too & i never feel like i get the conditioner out all the way i tried the pink loreal vive which is pretty good for drugstore brand i have done v05 biolage had something else that was ok i got the oscar blandi jasmine oil that super works my hair smells great & feel great but i was hopng to try that overnight repair so maybe i wont have to keep using things like v05 in shower treatment
  5. Ummm, I think you better get yourself to a good salon and see what they might do to help you - it is possible to fry all your hair follicles to the point that your hair can fall out, and 2 hours of that on your head can certainly do something terrible like that!!
  6. its been a few months so im not worried about that & i dont want a salon to "scare" me into thinking i need $$$$$ of work done cuz i know i dont
    i went into a salon just to buy soem biolage & turned out they didnt sell it she tried to sell me like 8 different things totaling @ $120 i dont have that kind of $$
  7. I don't think anything can really help your hair except a professional. Maybe one of the hairdressers on the board can chime in. It sounds like you really damaged your hair to the point of no return. Good luck to you.
  8. Kerastase masque intense -- it's a little pricey, but one jar should do it and it will REALLY help. I dyed my hair black once (so stupid, I know) and when I went to the salon to fix it, they had to strip it and then re-dye it.... anyway, it left my hair in VERY bad condition - altho it wasn't breaking off, it felt like straw. I used the kerastase for a month or two every single day and it made SUCH a difference! Good luck!
  9. Can you go to a good beauty supply store and check out what they have. A big name and big money does not mean the products will work miracles. My friend is always frying her hair with bleach--frosting or spot perming the sides. I am amazed she still has hair left. But in spite of her abuse the one thing she does is use a heat cap bought at any beauty supply store for about $30.00 and Queen Helene deep conditioner which is yellow in a plastic jar. I am not sure of the real name but it cost about $5.00 a jar. Her hair is super soft and has not broken off. SO I would say this is worth a try before the expensive designer hair stuff.
    Good luck. Last year my sister in law and friend wanted me to bleach their hair (right--like I would know what I am doing). They went to the beauty supply store and told the lady what they wanted to do and how they wanted to strip the color and then redye it light blond. So they come home with powder bleach and we mix it up and put in on their hair and it lifts the color. After they are done I read in depth infor. about the product they bought and it was bleaching cream for frosting and said do not use next to the scalp. I mean they could have had totally messed up broken hair. The stuff was on sale and I think the person at the store just wanted to get rid of it.
    I do crazy things to my hair, it will always grow back....
    Good luck.

  10. is that supposed to be helpful?
    Seems a little snarky and unnecessary to me:tdown:

    Kerastase is much more nourishing IMO and I have both in my shower right now. The Masquintense is really good.
  11. how ironic.......

    I just got a sample of that w/ my last NM order and I tried it last night.

    It works well but I'm sure there's other products that are just as good. I used the "PM Repair Strengthener" I didn't realize it was that expensive.

    I really like a few of the Kerastase products too.

    I think $195 is too much for the results I experienced. I'm the type that will spend the money on a product if I think it's worth it but I really didn't notice anything too special this morning.

    Let us know what products worked for you!!!!
  12. thanks for all the suggestions!! im gonna go to sallys & see if they have anything
    i have a friend who has a friend who is a beautician & she said my hair need protein so im gonna look for something that has that in it maybe kerastase
    my hair has been every color of the rainbow literally all you basic colors but also purple blue pink blood red you name it ive done it!! but all the funky colors were 100% vegetarian thats good right??
    im not worried my hairs goona fall out but want it to be a lil better
    thanks alot!!
  13. Omg I LOVE Fekkai.

    I damaged my hair too when I permed it 3 years ago. Although nothing has brought it back to its original condition, out of all the products I have tried (and believe I have tried a whole freaking' lot), I have found Fekkai to be the most effective next to Ojon. I have only used the conditioners though, not the repair kit.
  14. My blonded hair has been thru a lot and Fekkai's protein rx mask has saved it :yes:
  15. Same thing happened to me except it happened at the SALON!!! THOSE IDIOTS! But anyway, You DO NOT need to go to a professional to try to fix things up yourself. Don't waste your money! go to your nearest beauty store Hayashi's System 911 Emergency Pack and use it. Also, when you get ready in the mornings try using some Keratese products. I don't know if it heals your hair (if that's even possible) but it DEF makes it look a hell of a lot better and FEEL a lot softer.