Need help….6 LV bags or 1 Hermes….is it worth it?

  1. I can’t decide and I am super confused. As I previously mentioned on some other post in here I get a max of 6 LV bags per year from my DH for special occasions, however I have been wanting a Birkin for a while now and had mentioned this to DH. He made a proposal to me last night and told me I can get my Birkin at the end of the year, which is in 11 MO, if I don’t asks for any LV bag between now and then. Soooo...should I take the deal? TIA.
  2. YES! I would def take the Birkin!
  3. This really is a tough call :sweatdrop: I might jump on Hermes if I ever had a chance :push: JMHO :shame:
  4. if you've been wanting the Birkin for a while, then i'd take that deal. then the year after that, you can go back to 6 LV bags/year :graucho:

    but i guess it all depends on how much you love LV vs. Hermes. i love LV bags (esp. vernis and the Murakami ones) so if it were me I would rather have the 6 LV bags
  5. hmmm...No.
    But then again, LV is my favorite.
  6. oooo what a tough choice! I would probably go the Birkin route you can always come back to LV :biggrin:
  7. If you think think you have too many vuittons, and I'm sure you do, I'd say go for the Birkin. Remember that Hermes is literally eternal lol and that you will be carrying it for many many years...but that's just my opinion...
    follow your heart girl...
  8. I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have a birkin...I would totally go for it, because at the end of the day your collection is probs so big already (I figure 6 bags a year add up!) that another 6 wouldn't be as satisfying as having a totally fab hermes bag to add to your collection.

    If I were you, I'd take the birkin and negotiate so that you could get it early or mid-year rather than at the end (i'm fairly impatient :p).
  9. Go with the Birkin, girl!
  10. Agree to the Birkin deal from your husband and then just buy the LVs for yourself throughout the year..

  11. birkin.

    that way you go back back to lv, and it will seem cheap in comparison to him. =)
  12. My LV collection isn't really big yet since I only started buying late 2005 and I must admit that I passed on a few bags (XL mahina, croisette speedy and marina gm and the nimbus gm) I just didn’t love them IRL, some client was actually shaking their heads when they overheard me saying no to those precious bags but I feel very lucky because my SA is very wonderful and not pushy. Once a lady even jokingly said, can we switch DH just for a day. LOL…
    I am just scared because I’ve heard from some friends that once I buy a Hermes Birkin, I wouldn’t want to buy anything else but Hermes. Any thoughts on this? TIA.
  13. BIRKIN!!! hehe you can always buy yourself the LV's since they are much cheaper compared to a birkin =P
  14. BIRKIN!!! I completely support that, hehehe :yahoo:
  15. Depends cuz some birkns look like old lady bags..sorry =( GO for the LV!!