Need advice on a Balenciaga bag I recently purchased on Ebay

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a Balenciaga First Motorcycle Bag on eBay. I did do some research before bidding on this auction but since it's my first B bag, I am still afraid if I did enough research and if I did the right research to make sure that the bag is authentic.

    So pleaseeeeee ALL YOU EXPERTS OUT THERE, is this bag authentic???

    eBay: New Balenciaga First Motorcycle Bag in Blue India, RARE (item 150065601748 end time Dec-09-06 20:10:51 PST)
  2. yes it is :yes:
  3. Gorgeous bag! Yes, definitely auth..
  4. YES!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH FAST REPLIES!!!!!!!!!!! U guys r the best!!!!!!!!!
  5. Oh yea authentic and BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!!
  6. oooh, nice! i had this one on my watch list for awhile. instead i purchased the ice blue first. congrats! she looks gorgeous! and definitely looks authentic to me.
  7. thanks again every1!

    I jux got the bag today. It is beatifullllllll but is a little smaller than I expected. I'm planning to get another one a bit bigger than this one. Can you give me some suggestions as to which style I should go for that is a bit bigger than the First Motorcycle? Thanks!
  8. I just got my First Balenciaga Bag too today. It's a "first" and my "first" Balenciaga bag. :yes:
    Don't you just love the leather? Ahhh, even my husband commented that it was surely made from some fine leather.
    I got the First because it is perfect for my everyday basic needs with even a little room to spare. I'd like to get a Twiggy next because of the boxier shape. If you need a bigger Bag but want it to look the same as the First/Classique get a City Balenciaga Bag. Same design...bigger size.
  9. so pretty.:heart:
  10. In teh future, please only ask Balenciaga authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! Balenciaga sticky thread provided in the B-Bag Forum.
    You may want to start a new thread in teh Balenciaga Forum w/ your other questions.
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